Main Wholesale Flip Flops Suppliers in the UK and Abroad

This content will brief readers about some of the leading flip-flop suppliers in the UK and abroad. If retailers have info about these suppliers that can stock wholesale flip flops by availing of so many benefits. So, read it to have true info about prominent Wholesale Flip Flops Suppliers doesn’t forget to read this post.

Tops Staka Shoes Limited

If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier of flip flops in the UK and abroad. You can turn this wholesale footwear supplier. Apart from flip-flops, they also supply high heels, wedges, loafers, and sandals to retailers. They deal with high-quality footwear to facilitate retailers in the UK and abroad. They have enough experience in the fashion industry. They have a showroom in the UK and Spain.

A & H Footwear Ltd

They sell a large variety of men’s and women’s footwear. Their specialties are wellies, flogs, flip-flops, boots, and casual footwear. They offer a new and improved way to stock footwear. They offer easy registration.

NT Wholesale Ltd

If retailers are looking for men’s flip-flops and mules. They can stock from NT Wholesale Footwear. They offer incomparable quality footwear in the biggest range. Maximum retailers want to stock flip-flops wholesale in comfortable, uncompromised quality with the latest designs and the latest designs.

Wedding Flip Flops UK

It is one of the largest and most trusted flip-flop suppliers in the UK. They are specialized in supplying wedding flip-flops. They are also known for offering flip-flops for weddings, hen parties, nightclubs, birthdays, and beach parties. They want to have the latest detail for that day and they feel that adding flip-flops to the dance floor is one of the touches to entertain all the guests.

Fibre2 Fashion

This is one of the largest wholesale flip-flop suppliers to facilitate retailers with flip-flop footwear, clothing, and accessories. They have dashing design flip-flops for their retail clients. Along with accessories, Fabre 2 Fashions also facilitates retailers with different varieties of clothing.

World of Hosiery

This wholesale supplier has 1000s of products in their stock to facilitate retailers with flip flops and sandals. As a leading wholesale clothing supplier, they are committed to providing the products at the best wholesale prices. Their selection of sandals and flip-flops is second to none. Besides flip flops retailers can also stock nightwear, and fancy dresses for women.

Wholesale Shopping UK

All are aware of Wholesale Shopping UK as a leading flip flops, Wholesale Clothing, and accessories supplier in the UK. Dealing with this platform brings out fruit very soon. This is because of its outstanding quality, tempting discount, prevailing fashion, and extensive varieties. 

Whether retailers want to stock clothing, footwear, or this special product they can enjoy matchless quality, with live fashion, and affordable pricing. They also offer reliable service standards within the UK and abroad. They keep on updating their stock with the latest designs of flip flips and clothing.


Retailers can choose any of the given seven suppliers to stock flip-flops.

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