Magic Crunch and Condensed Milk Kulfi Recipe

What is Kulfi?

Kulfi is a frozen South Asian treat traditionally made by a prolonged cooking of milk and often khoya and flavored a range of different ways. From the now ubiquitous mango kulfi to kesar kulfi to malai kulfi, many variations abound. This one pays homage to the simple kulfi of my youth, to the clean flavors of my mamas kitchen and to the crunch bedecked kulfi of my favorite Karachi haunt, kulfi making machine is very fast create to kulfi in all flavored.

Kinds of Kulfi Recipes

There are essentially two variations on Kulfi recipes

  • No cook Kulfi: The No Cook Kulfi recipes are usually quite tasty but a little icy unless they require being pulled out of the freezer when they’re halfway frozen, mixed thoroughly and put back in to set again.
  • Cooked Kulfi: The traditional way, this requires (like kheer) for you to simmer the milky mix down to creamy deliciousness. I am partial towards this kind and that is the recipe I will share today.

Tips for the PERFECT Kulfi with Condensed Milk

I say tips but there is only one: a lackadaisical patience.

Bring your milky mix to a boil and simmer stirring occasionally until reduced by at least half. Half seems to be the magic amount. That reduction is what cooks out the iciness and gives the Kulfi it’s positively luscious texture.

DO NOT be tempted to bring your mix to a rolling boil because it will lead to two unpleasant outcomes

1.) burnt milk at the bottom, burnt milk flavoured kulfi. *womp womp*

2.) overflow! no one, I mean no one, likes to clean burnt sticky milk off their stovetop!

Magic Crunch Explained

When I first made this Kulfi I was going to go simple. Then I was reminded of the sheer joy of the Karachi kulfis nestled in their paper covers, the irresistible allure of their sweet crunchy top. It was a pull I couldn’t resist. It is Magic.

Say hello to the easiest and tastiest homemade mango ice cream recipe that uses only three ingredients, no ice cream machine needed! Enjoy this light and flavorful dessert using fresh and juicy mangoes of the season, that’s ready to chill in 15 minutes. Also learn a simple trick that prevents your ice cream from turning icy.

One of my daughters loves fruity desserts. Thanks to her, we always have a pint of Hagen Dazes mango ice cream in the freezer throughout summer. This season she and I decided to make it at home!
Ice Cream Machine Manufacturer For easy to making kulfi Serve as is or scattered with Magic Crunch.

3 Step Kulfi

Step One: Combine Kulfi ingredients in a pot and bring to a simmer

Step Two: Reduce the kulfi base by half by simmering for about an hour, stirring occasionally

Step Three: Let the base cool and pour into your mold of choice. Freeze till firm. Serve as is or scattered with Magic Crunch.

2 Step Caramel Crunch

Step Two: Pour over your nuts and let cool

Step Three: Chop or run through a mini food processor

Kulfi Ice Cream (No-Churn Indian Ice Cream)

This Kulfi Ice Cream is an eggless, no-churn Indian ice cream recipe that’s incredibly rich, decadent, and easy to make without an ice cream maker. It’s pleasantly perfumed with saffron, cardamom, and rosewater, and adorned with an assortment of crunchy nuts.

Fragrant Indian Ice Cream Recipe

Frozen dessert recipes hold a special place in my family!

I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather in California or the sweet creamy texture, but there is just something so special about enjoying a few scoops of ice cream after a long day.

Everyone in my family has a ‘different’ favorite ice cream flavor, but I’ve always enjoyed exotic flavors more, like this fragrant and nutty Indian-flavored Kulfi Ice Cream.

It’s prepared with milk, sugar, and intensely fragrant ingredients including floral saffron and rose water, along with sweet cardamom and pistachios. If you’re familiar with Mother Dairy flavors (Indian brand), this will remind you of their ‘Mawa Malai’ ice cream.

Besides the mesmerizing flavors, another unique quality of kulfi is the method of preparation. It’s an egg-free, no-churn recipe. If you are new to the no-churn ice cream method, prepare to be amazed.

It’s a no-ice-cream-maker-required recipe that makes a richer, denser, and more enjoyable ice cream for you and your family to enjoy.

No Machine, No-Churn Ice Cream

This kulfi recipe takes the same approach as my Chocolate Ice Cream but highlights those Indian spices and flavors that are so near and dear to my heart.

If you aren’t drooling already, let me highlight a few reasons why I love making this ice cream:

  • There is no standing over a hot stove
  • It requires the ease of an electric mixer
  • The ice cream base is ready in 10 minutes!
  • It’s wonderfully floral and fragrant with textural appeal

Much Easier Than Traditional Stovetop Kulfi

Traditional kulfi is made in a thick, heavy-bottomed pot that requires a reduction of milk and the constant need to stir to prevent the milk from scorching. It then needs time to chill before setting in the freezer. This whole process can take a few hours.

This simple, whipped cream method requires no cooking, no babysitting and is ready in only 10 minutes with the help of an electric mixer!

Taste Comparison With Traditional Kulfi

Traditional kulfi has a denser and creamier consistency since it is prepared with thickened milk and sugar with no air incorporated. The long simmer on the stovetop takes on a flavor similar to dulce de leche or caramelized cream.

This no-churn kulfi recipe is closer to regular ice cream – light and a bit airier – since it includes whipped cream. The notes of saffron, cardamom, rosewater and pistachio add balance to the sweet cream and really make the flavors of India shine.

  • Egg-free: For those who prefer eggless recipes, this is the perfect ice cream recipe to make.
  • No artificial flavors: The color and taste of this ice cream is achieved with seasonal mangoes, no food coloring or flavoring needed!
  • Perfect for making ahead: The best part about homemade ice creams is that they need to be chilled for several hours, preferably overnight. Therefore, it’s a perfect dessert to make a day or two ahead of your get together.

Ingredients – Notes & Substitutions

You will need a handful of simple, yet fragrant, ingredients to make homemade kulfi ice cream.

The sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, and chopped nuts are easily available at supermarkets, but the special floral ingredients can be found in most Indian or international grocery stores, or on Amazon.

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