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Lynne Benioff is the wife of American billionaire Internet Entrepreneur and author Marck Benioff. She has been married to him for over a decade and they have two children. They own a home in Toronto, Canada, and live in a separate house in Northern California.

Benioff began his career as an advertising executive at WPP Plc. He then co-founded the online gaming company In-Q-Tel with his wife in 1999. The company was sold to Microsoft in 2002 for $2 billion.

In 2006, Benioff founded Starbreeze Entertainment which became one of the leading video game publishers in the world. His latest venture, Phoenix Ventures, is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology startups.

Personal Life

Lynne Benioff is the co-founder and CEO of Salesforce, which is a cloud-based sales software company. She was born on December 6th, 1961 in Toronto, Ontario to parents Leo and Sylvia Benioff. Her father is an electrical engineer and her mother is a homemaker. Benioff attended Wellesley College where she studied English Literature and Politics before moving on to Brown University. While at Brown, she met her future husband MarcBenioff. The couple married in 1992 and had two children together; Jenna (born in 1995) and Google Chairman Larry Page (born in 1998).

From 1998 to 2003, Lynne Benioff was the director of Public Relations Campaigns at Outcast Communications. In 2011, she co-founded Star Community Home, a residential community for homeless families based in San Francisco.

Lynne Benioff is married to Marc Benioff, the founder, chairman, and CEO of They have two children together, daughter Charlotte and son Ethan. Lynne Benioff has revealed that she was born into a wealthy family and her parents are millionaires. She has also mentioned that she is from Georgia and her parents are from Atlanta. She was raised in a prestigious home and started attending boarding school at age five. While attending boarding school, she met Marc Benioff when he was a student at the same school. They first met when they were both working as interns for their families’ business venture. The couple married in 2001 and have two children together- daughter Charlotte and son Ethan.


Lynne Benioff is an American businesswoman who has been the director of Public Relations Campaigns at Outcast Communica since 1998. She is also currently the CEO of The Benioff Group. Born in 1978, she has a degree in communications from Harvard University and has worked as a journalist and executive for companies such as Coca-Cola and GEICO. In 2003, she left GEICO to become the CEO of The Benioff Group. Under her leadership, The Benioff Group became one of the most successful private businesses in America.

Lynne Benioff is an Independent Marketing Consultant, Philanthropist, and Businesswoman associated with several. She has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors including working with the Cancer Society and Benioff Family Foundation. Additionally, she has been a consultant to various businesses throughout her career. Her net worth is estimated to be around $6.7 billion. In terms of her height, she stands at 5’7” and her parents are Irwin and Ruth Benioff who are both doctors.

Lynne Benioff, the parent of children’s hospital Oakland and chairwoman of Common Sense Media Inc., is worth an estimated $2.7 billion according to Forbes. She has been married to her husband Bill since 1991 and they have two children.

Lynne Benioff is the co-founder, CEO, and President of Hampton Creek, a composting startup that sells plant-based milk. Her net worth has not been released, but according to Forbes, she has a net worth of $6.5 billion. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was an artist.

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