Leather Tote Bag

Where can I buy a leather backpack? There are a few factors that should be considered, including shipping cost and location. In addition to price, it is also important to consider quality. We is an internationally recognized brand that has set the standard for handmade leather tote bag.

Leather backpack

Handcrafted leather fashion brand is based in Hongkong. Its products celebrate the evolutionary style of independence, nature, and adventure. Each credit card wallet is handcrafted in the company’s own workshop and features a unique design. Its bags can be purchased online or at select stores.

The company’s handcrafted leather fashion pieces are made from high quality leather and are durable and lightweight. Each backpack is made with full grain cow leather, using sustainable materials. The leather is hand-bound with high-quality thread, and the bags have brass zippers for an extra touch of class. Hand-crafted in Hong Kong, each item is designed to complement any wardrobe. Founded by a Pakistani man, We also offers cardholders, wallets, and exclusive discount vouchers on Atom.

The leather backpack is made of durable full grain leather and weighs less than 44 ounces. It has two padded straps for comfort and comes with brass zippers and buckles. The leather is soft and smooth, and the stitching work is superb. The leather backpacks are the perfect travel companions!

leather tote bag


The handmade leather fashion label is a Hong Kong based brand. Their brand represents an evolutionary style of independence, adventure, and nature. Their handcrafted leather backpacks and purses are durable and stylish, and they’re sure to last for years.

Leather backpacks and purses feature top grain leather that’s lightweight and durable. The leather is bonded with high-quality thread, and brass zippers add a touch of class. These handcrafted leather fashion products are a great way to express your individuality, and they’re designed to compliment your wardrobe. The brand, founded by a Pakistani entrepreneur, also offers fashionable men’s wallets and cardholders. They also provide exclusive discount vouchers through their Atom app.

The leather backpack weighs less than 44 ounces, and it’s made of full grain leather for added durability. It also has two padded straps to ensure a comfortable fit. The leather is 100% premium, sustainable cow leather. Moreover, the backpack’s hardware is made from high-quality thread, brass zippers, and brass buckles. The leather is soft and smooth, and the stitching work is impeccable.

leather tote bag


If you’re looking for a quality leather backpack at an affordable price, look no further than us. This Hong Kong-based fashion brand creates handmade leather bags and accessories that are crafted to last for years. Their designs are modern, functional, and made with sustainable cow leather and high-quality stitching.

The full grain leather backpack is lightweight and durable, weighing less than 44 ounces and featuring two adjustable padded straps. It’s made of 100% premium, sustainably sourced cow leather. The leather is also carefully stitched and features brass zippers and buckles. The leather is incredibly smooth, and the stitching work is of high quality.


If you’re interested in handcrafted leather fashions, then you’ve probably come across the online brand. This handcrafted Hong Kong brand embraces an evolutionary style that is all about independence, adventure, and nature. Their products are made from the finest leather materials and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Each of leather backpacks features full-grain leather that is lightweight and durable. Each piece of leather is bind with top quality thread, and brass zippers are added for a touch of class. They are also made with exquisite stitching for the best quality and craftsmanship.

This leather backpack is made from premium full-grain cow leather, weighing just 44 ounces. It features two padded shoulder straps for comfort. The full grain leather is made from sustainable sources, and the company uses premium thread to make each piece. Moreover, it features brass zippers and buckles, which add to the quality of the finished product.

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