Kratom Products: A Natural And Organic Way To Cure Anxiety

The openness in the conversation about anxiety disorder has proved to help decrease the stigma regarding mental illness. Many types of anxiety symptoms range from chronic pain with no apparent cause to an inability to speak in social settings,  etc. The medicines that cure anxiety develop an out-of-body sensation, and users stop feeling like themselves. 

Some natural products like CBD and kratom are pivotal in managing anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety, together with depression, requires well-rounded efforts to keep in check. A kratom is an excellent tool for navigating anxiety-related discomfort but is not a substitute for your regular practices. This article will spotlight some of the best kratoms for anxiety for real and sustainable support.

The research on kratom is limited, but several significant pieces of evidence point to physical and mental health benefits. It interacts with the brain’s opioid receptors and provides mood-boosting benefits. The euphoric sensations generated help deal with mood swings and are also used for recreational purposes. Some other mental health benefits include relaxation and calmness. Higher concentration gives a great sense of relief, reducing your anxiety levels. 

Let us explore some of the most popular kratom products to keep track of anxiety issues. Vivazen offers high-quality liquid kratom shots at an affordable price. We have significant experience in using these liquid kratom shots. If you want to read about Vivazen, click on Vivazen Review.

Kratom Products: A Natural And Organic Way To Cure Anxiety


1.Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa aims to ensure its customers have a splendid experience with its quality products and service. All their kratom liquid shot is finely ground, and they take all the necessary precautions to keep them in the best condition. One of the fantastic attributes of the brand is transparency; all their products go through sequential checks and outside lab testing. The reports of all their tests are available on their websites to check each product’s reliability and safety.

The products offered by Super Speciosa are categorised into four sections, which are explained as follows:

  1. Capsules

Super Speciosa came up with vegan capsules in each jar, including approximately  600 mg of kratom powder. Their collection contains premium Bali kratom, white Thai kratom and green Maeng Da kratom capsules. The  60-count bottles total $16, and a  320-count jar costs $58.99.

  1. Tablets

The selection of kratom tablets consists of green Bali kratom, red Bali kratom, and white maeng da kratom tablets. Each tablet comprises 300 mg of crushed  100 per cent pure kratom leaves. The tablets are packed with the leaf’s goodness, devoid of unnecessary fillers or additives. A bag containing 500  tablets is priced at  $59.99.

  1. Powder

The powder is the best kratom powder available online at a great price. The cost of 20 gms of powder is $9.99. The different types of kratom powders are white vein, green vein, and red vein powder.

  1. Tea Bags

Super Speciosa sells kratom tea bags offering you an ultra-calming tea supplement. The three different teas available are red, white and green. The cost of a bag containing 15 tea bags is  $24.99. 

  1. Kingdom Kratom

Kingdom Kratom puts forward fresh and organic top-quality products. They’ve constantly been evolving and refining their processes and products. The kratom used in their products is sourced directly from Indonesian farmers, enacting purity. The brand performs frequent testing for potency and contamination, ensuring that customers consume a safe product. 

Kingdom Kratom has different sections having different types of products catering to everyone’s needs:

  1. Powder

Powder is the most common form for the consumption of kratom leaves. The different kratom strains available are green Maeng Da, green Malay kratom, yellow Vietnam, white Samarinda and green velvet. The powder is available in a pack of 25 grams and one kg. The price of the powder starts from $8.50.

  1. Extract

Kingdom Kratom’s extract is a 10 mL shot that comes in the form of a small bottle easily fitted in your bag. The liquid kratom leaves extract from caramel sweets,  gel capsules, and sweet & chewy gummies. The potency of the extract is equivalent to eight grams of powder.

  1. Capsules

The capsules come in white, yellow, green and red vein kratom strains. The capsules are pretty impactful without having any bitter aftertaste. A bottle contains 60 or 120 capsules ranging between $18.99 to $34.99  

  1. Sample Packs

If you’ve tried their different options and you’re still unsure which form of product to commit to, you can try out their sampler packs. They offer customised sample boxes of kratom capsules and powder. These sample kits help you investigate kratom on your own and select which variety helps reduce your anxiety.

3. Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is a pioneer in the field of kratom products. The incredible feature of the brand is its massive reach on various social media platforms. We all know that anxiety can make you feel isolated, not knowing with whom to connect. Their network helps people dealing with anxiety by engaging in conversation, maintaining contact with others who value wellness, and learning more about kratom strains.

You can search about the different kinds of products by choosing the kratom strain per your needs. Let us get an insight into kratom extract-derived products:

  1. Specialty Products

Kat’s Botanicals delivers cutting-edge items like liquid kratom shots and unique reserve liquid kratom shots. The delicious kratom packs include berry blast, caramel apple, horchata, and kratom gummies in luscious tropical mango and green tea/citrus flavours.

  1. Capsules

Their exquisite collection of capsules includes digital Buddha and dark elephants. The capsules are present in various strains of yellow Sunda, chocolate, and green Malay kratom. A jar of capsules contains 250 capsules falling between $24.99 and $59.99.

  1. Powder

The different types of kratom powder include green JongKong, plantation Maeng Da, and green Bali. The price of the kratom powders starts at $7.99.

  1. For Pets

Kat’s Botanicals provides products for pets with a soothing effect on the skin and coat and are effective for the hips and joints. Each jar comprises 30 soft chews in bacon and chicken flavours. 

  1. Top Extracts

The top extract is a pioneer in the kratom sector. The kratom is sourced from places like the Amazon and Indonesia. They offer premium quality products with therapeutic effects helpful in dealing with anxiety. Their stringent product guidelines ensure that all their products are efficient and safe.

Their assortment of products falls into five categories, which are mentioned as :

  1. Capsules

Kratom pills are the most convenient way of consuming your doses. Top Extracts offers a  wide selection of bottles, pre-filled capsules and travel kits. The various strains include green vein kratom and red Maeng Da kratom.

  1. Liquid

The liquid kratom offers non-caffeinated options packed with 45% kratom extract. Their honey sticks are a fun way to get a kratom dose.

  1. Powder

The Top Extract’s kratom powder comes in white, red, and green vein kratom strains in jars or bags.

  1. Extract

 The kratom extracts are available in tablets, root beer, salt water, taffy infused with kratom, and a kratom-made drink mix. 

  1. Samples

At $8 per jar, you can purchase kratom powder. Sample packs benefit people who want to try kratom for the first time. The powder comes in a travel-size pack or the form of pills as per your need.

Final Thoughts On Kratom Products

Kratom works in distinct ways and is perfect for boosting your energy levels. In lower concentrations, it acts more like a stimulant and causes states of euphoria. The products derived from kratom offer many therapeutic benefits and can also be used for recreational activities. We have enlisted four brands selling different forms of products derived from kratom leaf extracts. Their products are in the form of tablets, extracts, capsules, liquid shots and tea.

Kratom strains are also used for medicinal purposes, calming anxiety symptoms and pain relief. People looking for a natural and organic approach to dealing with opiate withdrawal symptoms benefit from kratom as well.

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