Top Budget-friendly Kitchen Remodeling Tips & Ideas

For a variety of reasons, homeowners remodel their kitchens. They could want to update their outmoded appliances or wallpaper. Or they may be planning to sell the house and want to raise its resale value.

In either case, redesigning the kitchen immediately has an effect. Even the slightest changes can make the area more fun to use and increase the value of your house.

Clearly, remodeling your kitchen will pay off when you sell your house. However, homeowners who can’t afford those prices frequently renovate their outdated kitchens gradually as money allows.

Here are 10 inexpensive kitchen remodeling suggestions that won’t drain your wallet:

Paint kitchen cabinets

One of the simplest and least expensive kitchen renovations? existing cabinetry is painted.

Although you could hire a contractor to handle it, it’s a fantastic DIY job for homeowners who are handy. Kitchen cabinet painting typically costs between $400 and $1,100. You can cut that expense to just $100 if you prime and paint the cabinetry yourself. Additionally, your kitchen will go from being dark and old to be light and bright in just one weekend thanks to almost new cabinets.

Upgrade kitchen countertops

Your old kitchen will seem brand-new with new countertops without going over budget. Popular choices include butcher block, solid surface, plastic laminate, and natural stone.

Have a limited budget? Laminate costs between $40 and $80 per square foot, including installation, and is a dependable, appealing, and cost-effective material.

Hire a professional for the job, which should only take one or two days, for the best results.

Add a tile backsplash

A tile backsplash has two advantages: it makes it simpler to wipe up grease spills and dramatically revamps your kitchen.

Depending on the material, a professional backsplash installation typically runs around $1,000 for 16 square feet. Contrarily, the DIY installation might take up to two days and necessitates a substantial amount of tools that can be rented or purchased. But this isn’t really a position for newcomers.

It takes a lot of measuring and leveling to install a backsplash. Tiles must be trimmed to fit around electrical outlets and other problematic areas. If you are inexperienced, a lot can go wrong. Having too few tiles or an uneven backsplash pattern, for instance, could make your investment costs.

A better choice would be to choose your materials and look for a Tile installer near me to do the work.

Swap out kitchen-cabinet knobs 

You still like your cabinets and drawers, but not their worn-out handles. Cabinet hardware replacement is simple, quick, and do it yourself friendly.

Here are the steps for replacing kitchen cabinet hardware:

  1. Remove the handle and hinges from the cabinet door.
  1. Visit a home improvement store with them.
  1. Match the screw spacing, hinge overlay, and size.
  1. Use a cordless drill to remove old fixtures’ screws.
  1. The new hardware is screwed in.
  1. You won’t even need to touch up the paint because your new hardware ought to fit flawlessly.

Splurge on new appliances

Investing in new, complementary appliances is a “nice-to-have” that can genuinely add value. Make a list of your needs and wants if you need a new refrigerator or stove and your budget permits it:

  • Do you prefer appliances made of stainless steel, black, or white?
  • Should they have smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity?
  • Can a gas or electric range be used with the connections you currently have?
  • How about a range hood or microwave over the range?
  • Will you actually use a fancy gas range costing $6,000?

Install a new kitchen sink

Dishes, flatware, pots, and pans batter kitchen sinks on a daily basis, resulting in scratches and stains over time. It could be time for a new sink if yours is looking worse for wear.

Overmount and undermount sink installations are two popular styles. Overmount sinks have lip and metal clips to hold them in place as they “drop into the countertop’s hole. Construction adhesive is used to secure under-mount sinks to the countertop’s underside when it is installed.

Dress up your windows 

Window curtains make a kitchen look better and unify the space.

Pick between hard and soft window coverings first. Examples of hard materials are faux wood shutters, faux wood blinds, and braided wood shades (priced between $30 and to 70). Valances, curtains, and Roman blinds made of soft materials are available for $15–$40. Simple wiping with a moist cloth and a light detergent can take care of cleaning hard window treatments. Soft window coverings are susceptible to stains. As instructed, dry clean, hand wash, or put in the washer

Lay new kitchen flooring

Because it takes up the most room, flooring is one of the first things you see when you enter a kitchen. That’s why changing it can have a significant impact.

It costs a lot to install high-quality flooring. Depending on the material, the price per square foot might range from $7 to $30. At the low end, that could equate to $1 per square foot of ceramic tile, as opposed to paying a pro $5 per square foot for installation. Skilled do-it-yourselfers can take on the work for no additional cost.

Hang kitchen-themed art

Hang wall art that makes a statement to display your personality, cooking preferences, and values in your kitchen.

Popular choices include an enormous wooden fork and spoon, matted and framed herbs, and ornamental cutting boards. have framed images of fruit or elegant china? Remember your coffee bar as well—it’s an ideal place for tiny graphic prints of lattes, cappuccinos, and coffee.

You can get interesting wall art for your kitchen at nearby antique and thrift stores. Old wooden cooking equipment and copper pots and pans make wonderful decorations.

Add personality with plants and knickknack

A kitchen seems warm, inviting, and “lived in” when nature and texture are included. possesses a window seat? Put some pillows and a blanket on it. cold ceramic tile? Add some coziness with an area rug that matches the window coverings. Last but not least, set up large houseplants on freestanding pedestals, miniature houseplants, and potted herbs on counters or kitchen islands.

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