Key Replacement Components for Your Peerless Boiler

Having access to spare boiler components can help you avoid spending money on expensive overnight shipment and downtime. It doesn’t matter how well you maintain your boiler; it still can fail when you need it most.

In this piece, we’ll go over some of the essential spare peerless oil boiler parts that every facility should stock.

Flame Detector

This control and safety feature of a boiler is crucial in case of accidental ignition. Industrial producers make extensive use of flame-detecting technology. There are many other kinds of scanners available now, including UV scanners, Flame Rods, infrared scanners, and more. Scanners can “self-check” their functionality. The furnace’s form, the fuel being burned, and the scanner’s placement all play a role in deciding which scanner to use.

What is the function of a flame scanner? All flame detectors essentially “look” for a flame as their primary function. The scanner plays a crucial role in the boiler’s flame safety system. The boiler will shut down to prevent an explosion caused by a buildup of raw fuel if the flame goes out or is observed during a phase of the cycle when none should be present.

The use of flame-using machinery necessitates the installation of a flame scanner. In case of a malfunction, you should keep a backup part on hand.

Safety Relief Valves

To prevent equipment failure or injury to those working in the boiler room, a safety valve is installed to regulate the amount of steam pressure in the peerless oil boiler. The spring-tensioned valve is overcome when the valve seat is pushed due to excessive pressure. When the pressure in the boiler decreases, steam escapes, and the relief valve closes.

Checking safety relief valves once a year is required by most codes and standards. If a problem is discovered during the yearly inspection and needs immediate attention, you may wish to keep a spare on hand.

Water Level Device

A water-level gauge measures and regulates the water level in the boiler. It is usual for the boiler to require an operator to manually change a valve to maintain a constant water level if the automatic system fails. Here, a water level indicator would be really useful.

Fuel Safety Shutoff Valves

When a boiler power failure occurs, the fuel safety shutoff valves are activated to prevent any further fuel delivery. Consider the results of lighting fuel-filled boiler components. It would be risky since either an explosion or a fire could occur.

In addition to a rebuild kit for the major valves, spare switches that close them should be readily available. Not only that but fixing a valve is a process that can take a while. However, if you have your boiler’s valves inspected on an annual basis, you should worry less about this issue.

Combustion Air Switch

Upon turning on the boiler, you may have considered the consequences should the fan fail to turn. But since the air intake was switched off, nothing would happen. Because of this component, the burner will not activate the fuel valves if there is insufficient airflow. This emphasizes the significance of always having a spare component available in the boiler room. The superior tankless coil is another alternative for heating water.


You should consider the cost of downtime, the size of your storage facility, the expected lifespan of the spare parts, and the price of storing the components before making a purchase of peerless boiler parts. While it can be costly to halt production, it may not be required to have every possible spare part on-site.

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