Key Features And The Pivotal Role Of Dental Retractors In Oral Surgeries?

Key Features And The Pivotal Role Of Dental Retractors In Oral Surgeries? In dentistry, instruments used for keeping the tissues and gums aside during surgical procedures are known as dental retractors. It helps to move the cheeks, tongue, and lips in order to fully access the teeth and mouth. It allows better access to the molar teeth without hurting the cheeks and lips. 

Retractors can be of two types, namely handheld or hands-free. Dentists can also choose the sterilizable or disposable retractors as per their choice or preference. Mostly the retractors are made with stainless steel and can be reprocessed and autoclaved.

Categories Of Dental Retractors

Retractors are divided into two categories as

Hand-Held Retractors

These are also known as manual retractors. In dental procedures, the dentist’s assistant used to hold this equipment so the dentist could access the working areas easily. An example of a hand-held retractor is the Farabeuf retractor which is used for clamping or holding tissues in different dental procedures. It is available in different ranges of sizes and designs and is reusable. 

Self-Retaining Retractors

These are retractors that stay open on their own because they have a screw and a ratchet that hold the tissues and gums themselves. This equipment allows the dentists to work freely with their two hands. An example of a self-retaining retractor is the Orringer retractor, which helps hold the cheeks, lips, and tongue during oral procedures. It is reusable, light in weight, and comes in different sizes and shapes. 

Major Types Of Dental Retractors Used In Surgeries 

Some of the notable types and their features are:  

  1. Dental Cheek Retractors

In oral surgical procedures, dental cheek retractors play two important roles. Firstly, it helps to expose the working area where surgery is required, and secondly, it helps keep the tissues in a retracted position so the dentist can work freely and effectively. In restorative procedures, cheek retractors are used when the dentists are working on the bicuspid molars, such as filling the cavities with amalgams or preparing the crown. There are various sizes and designs of cheek retractors, and dentists can use them as per the need of the procedures. 

  1. Austin Retractor

It is the equipment designed without the handle and is widely used for holding the cheeks, lips, and mucoperiosteal flaps from the surgical areas. This equipment helps to get the clear visibility of the surgical site. It is an L-shaped instrument that comes in different designs and sizes. Some of the significant types of Austin retractors are farabeuf retractor, Weider, and langenbeck retractors. 

  1. Bishop Retractor

Another major type of dental retractor is the bishop retractor. It allows exposing the oral cavity and the backside of teeth and tissues such as molars. The noteworthy features of these retractors are:

  • It has an ergonomic handle that allows perfect control and adaptability during surgical procedures. 
  • It has atraumatic blades, which prevent the injury of nearby tissues and gums. Blades are replaceable, and different blades are available for better productivity and effective procedures. 

This equipment is made with stainless steel material and is sterilizable and reusable. It comes in different variations, so the dentist can select as per their choice and ease.

  1. Mouth Gag Retractor

When there is a need to open the mouth with slow and gradual force, mouth gag retractors are used. This equipment has serrated blades, and the remaining blades are present on the occlusal molar surfaces. These serrated blades help the dentists to apply directional force during procedures. 

In order to keep the mouth of the patient open, a mouth gag is used to place between the upper and lower jaws, and it can be placed for a long time in surgeries that are of a longer period. A mouth gag allows the dentist to work easily inside the patient’s mouth and the molars. It is designed with stainless steel material, so this equipment is reusable after proper cleansing and sterilization. 

  1. Gingival Retractors

These retractors are used in different procedures, such as retracting the gums and tissues during the preparation of cavities. The gingival retractor has concave and semi-circular working ends, which prevent the injury of adjacent tissues. These are also made with German stainless steel material.

Final Verdict 

Retractors are essential instruments for effective and successful surgeries. It is important to note that dentists can’t work effectively without having clear visibility of the surgical area. 

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