Instructions For Making Dried Flowers To Decorate Your Home

Drying your favorite blooms is easier than your expectation so they may look as good as the day they bloomed and were cut. If you want to know how to do it like a pro just follows these easy steps and get your winter garden ready! These are some Tips for Maintaining Dried Flowers.

Like a 1970s throwback or maybe the latest craze in what you call a maker’s movement, but dried flowers are back once again to steal the show. They are just the perfect accent to wreaths, as bouquets that will last long, or other decoration projects you want to preserve for a long time. Not to mention, drying flowers is a fun and cheerful affair especially those you have grown by your hands.

It is a great way of extending your enjoyment of the fruits of your labor. A toss of Luck, that it is easy to preserve any kind of flower than one can imagine. No matter if it’s through air drying, or giving them a much-needed spin in a microwave. Making use of silica gel is another way to go. Follow the simple steps given below, to then find the perfect ay of how to maintain best your dried blooms to make them last for as long as possible.

How to Air Dry Flowers To Preserve Them?

Making dry flowers is easy. Drying many kinds of flowers, you may just let nature take the course. Blooms that have sturdy stems, like hydrangeas or globe thistles should be dried if you just leave them in a vase to allow temperature and low humidity. But you are likely to get even better results if you hang flowers upside down. In this case, if they won’t drop they will be drying perfectly.

  1. Tathatowers which aren’t open fully yet or aren’t fully mature. It is because these flowers continue to bloom while drying but lose petals if were fully mature before.)
  2. Remember to cut these flowers in the morning. When the dew dries, USA sharp scissors or a floral garden snip.
  3. Unneeded foliage must be removed.
  4. Group these flowers into bundles that are small or may as well leave them individually. You can make use of strings or common dental floss when hanging these blooms upside down in a cool, dry, dark spot indoors. For preventing mold, keep in mind to space out these blooms. This way air circulates better around these small bundles or you can use a nearby fan with a low setting too.
  5. Once these flowers are dried, they are going to feel stiff and dry to the touch. It is going to take some days or may even take several weeks, totally depending on the condition or mainly the type of these blooms.

However, if you don’t have time and still want to use dried flowers to decorate your home, you can buy them at online stores and don’t forget to use coupons for dried flowers which will help you save a lot of money when purchasing flowers to decor your house.

How to Dry Flowers in the Microwave?

  1. Try picking them up just before they are about to open up. The flowers will still proceed to open once they dry but chances are they can lose petals when are fully mature.
  2. In a shallow environment gently cover in a microwave-safe container then dip flowers in silica sand or an equal of borax (sodium borate) or may add a little cornmeal. Keep Filling the trumpet, or cup-shaped blooms with this mixture to preserve their original shapes.
  3. Now put the container, still uncovered, in your microwave and leave it at high temperature for one minute. Then see once to check if these flowers have dried completely. If it is not done, microwave it again this time for 30 seconds then check again. Those Blooms which have petals that thick take a lot longer in drying as compared to those which are thin.
  4. Leave those blooms in this mixture for one day after microwaving is done so they finish drying.

How to Dry Flowers Using Silica Gel?

Freezing flowers at tat right time after submerging these in silica gel or a drying powder which are available at most crafts stores. To fit large, flowers in small containers of silica gel,  you can cut the stems an inch or two from below so the flower head is dried safely then rejoin with hot glue and florist tape. After you have submerged these flowers in silica for one to two days, or longer for larger blooms, put them upside down and gently remove powder

Tips for Maintaining these Dried Flowers

You take care of these dried blooms so they may last you for months to come. Some may even last for years before they fade or fall apart.

  1. Keep these dried blooms out of sunlight which will reduce fading.
  2. Make sure these dried flowers stay away from your heat vents.
  3. When you are not using them, store them in a box that is placed in a dry space.

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