Inhalation vs. Ingestion: How Do the Effects of Edibles Compare to the THC Inhaler?

Wondering about the effects of edibles and inhalers and how they differ? Understanding the best ways to consume cannabis is important, as both inhalers and gummies offer unique benefits. While both will get you high, the overall experiences are actually quite distinctive, including how fast they kick in, how long they last, and how you feel. Here’s the scoop.

Inhalers: The Effects Are Immediate

Inhaling is more comparable to smoking or vaping, in that the effects kick in almost instantaneously. However, it’s important to note that our inhalers don’t use any batteries or heating elements. Instead, they use pressure to deliver THC distillate orally. 

The effects of edibles typically take an hour (or longer) to fully kick in. This is because the THC molecules are processed in a different way and because your body needs time to digest the edibles and deliver the THC throughout the body.

So, if you want to be able to catch a quick buzz whenever the mood strikes, the inhaler is the better choice. You simply treat it the same way you would treat smoking or vaping — take a puff and you’re good to go.

Edibles: The Effects Are Stronger

Edibles are a whole other ballgame! While you can enjoy subtle effects by nibbling a piece, most people appreciate the potency of edibles. In fact the effects of edibles can be quite psychedelic, especially if you take a large dose. When it comes to edibles, zoning out is par for the course, so it’s best to save your edibles for days off!

Inhalers: The Dose Is Easier to Control

The best ways to consume cannabis differ from person to person. Some people are perfectly happy to pop a gummy and see where it takes them. Others prefer to control their high bit-by-bit. With our inhalers, each puff is a metered 5mg, giving you unmatched control over each dose. 

Our edibles are a consistent 10mg, so you do have some control over how much you decide to take. At the same time, edibles tend to be less predictable. Depending on your body chemistry and tolerance, the effects of edibles may be more pronounced, even if you only eat a small amount.

Edibles: The Effects Last Longer

Like smoking or vaping, inhaler effects tend to fade quicker than edibles. While the effects of edibles can last six hours or longer, your inhalation buzz will typically fade after two hours or so. Of course, you can always redose with an inhaler to keep the good times going. With edibles, you should probably clear your schedule — buy the ticket, take the ride!

Inhalers: The Effects Are (Usually) More Manageable

As long as you just take a hit or two at a time, you should be able to perform daily tasks after using your inhaler. On the other hand, the effects of edibles usually affect your motor skills. Of course, you should never operate a vehicle or other machinery on cannabis, but that’s especially true with edibles. An inhaler will leave you feeling more clear-headed, while edibles can make performing even basic tasks tricky.

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While it’s clear that the effects of edibles and inhalers differ, at the end of the day, they both deliver THC. We recommend keeping both products on hand so you can customize your buzz to your mood. For example, inhalers are perfect for dosing sporadically throughout the day, while gummies are the ultimate way to kick back and unwind with a movie or video game in the evening.

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