Imran Khan Will Issue A Message To The Nation Tonight

Imran Khan, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, will be issuing a message to the nation tonight. This comes after a recent string of terrorist attacks in the country, which have killed dozens of innocent people. In his message, Prime Minister Khan is expected to condemn these attacks and call for unity in the face of terrorism.

He is also expected to announce new measures that his government will be taking to combat terrorism and keep the Pakistani people safe.

Imran Khan will address the nation in a televised speech tonight, his first since taking office as Pakistan’s Prime Minister. Khan is expected to speak on a range of issues, including the country’s economy and relations with India. Many are hoping that Khan will use the opportunity to set out his vision for Pakistan’s future and lay out a roadmap for how he plans to achieve it.

When Did Pakistan Vote No Confidence?

Pakistan’s parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the government on May 28, 2018. The move came after an opposition leader called for Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to step down over alleged corruption. The no confidence vote was initiated by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, who accused the government of not doing enough to combat corruption.

“The prime minister should have resigned long ago,” Zardari said during the parliamentary session. The no confidence motion was also supported by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Jamiat Ulema-e Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), two of the country’s major opposition parties. However, it failed to get the required two-thirds majority needed to pass, with only 186 out of 342 members voting in favor.

Despite this, the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) party, which is led by cricketer turned politician Imran Khan, said it would call for fresh elections. “This is just a trailer,” PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhry told reporters after the vote.

Who is the Pm of Pakistan Now?

Imran Khan is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was sworn in on August 18th, 2018, after his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), won a plurality of seats in the general election held on July 25th. Khan was born in Lahore in 1952.

He attended the prestigious Aitchison College before going on to study economics at Keble College, Oxford. After graduation, he briefly played cricket professionally before embarking on a career in politics. He became involved with PTI in 1996 and led the party to victory in the 2013 general election but was unable to form a government due to not having enough seats.

Following his victory in 2018, Khan has pledged to tackle corruption and poverty in Pakistan.

Is Imran Khan Current Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Yes, Imran Khan is the current prime minister of Pakistan. He was sworn in on August 18th, 2018, after winning a resounding victory in the country’s general election. Prior to becoming prime minister, Khan was a well-known cricketer and philanthropist.


Imran Khan will issue a message to the nation tonight in which he is expected to talk about the current economic situation and the government’s efforts to improve it. He is also likely to address concerns about rising inflation and unemployment, and reassure the public that his administration is working hard to resolve these issues.

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