How To Safely Celebrate Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights that is celebrated across India with great fervour. People are enthusiastic about the festival and look forward to lighting crackers that sparkle the atmosphere. During this time of the year, folks are in the best of their spirits. They socialize and make merry by giving into their epicurean interests.

Ways In Which People Celebrate Diwali

Offer Prayers To The Deities

People of all religions offer prayers to the Almighty. They chant hymns and read the couplets aloud. Also, some folks distribute sweets and gifts among the sections of society to spread happiness and prosperity. By putting the tea lights, making colourful saw dust patterns, decorating the homes, cleaning the interiors, investing in household assets and wearing embroidered clothes, people look forward to the festivities.

Light Firecrackers

Diwali fireworks are widely available in the market. Children always take a shine to the crackers. They get a chance to light their favourite fireworks. However, the elders ensure that they follow the safety guidelines.

Some people are overwhelmed by the festival and buy crackers in bulk. They throw caution to the wind and express their ecstasy immensely. Sometimes, they hurt themselves but things get better with time.

Seeing the flower bombs lighting up the sky is a beholding sight. One can notice several beautiful designs and patterns that adorn the evening. A gamut of colours, tea lights and candles embellish the ambience.

A touching reality of the Diwali fireworks is that numerous children are employed to make them. Dealing with different chemicals and dangerous substances takes a toll on their health. At times, some sparks might occur during the process that could prove to be fatal.

Organizing Get-Togethers And Attending Soirees

Diwali calls for posh celebrations. Innumerable people invite their friends, colleagues, kith and kin to parties. All and sundry enjoy it to the fullest. The folks engage in worthwhile conversations and some indulge in small talk.

There is an atmosphere of frolic as everyone is in a good mood. People gorge on the delectable dishes and men partake in a ripple. Women wear their exquisite sarees and are dressed up to the nines.

Countless individuals sing and dance to their favourite tunes. Folks crack jokes and make everyone laugh by infusing a bit of humour at the occasion.

Summing it up, Diwali is a festival that several people enjoy celebrating. They socialize with people, indulge in useful conversations, make merry and have a whale of a time. Diwali is a time when life is a bowl of cherries. People go all agog with the celebrations. They decorate their houses, wear colourful outfits and gorge on delectable sweets. Lighting the firecrackers is an activity everyone loves as it betters the essence of the festival.

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