How to Post a YouTube Video on Reddit in 2022

Want to discover ways to publish a YouTube video on Reddit? Reddit may be a brilliant platform for promoting YouTube movies to buy youtube views. However, the platform is known as being adversarial surroundings. To make sure that you are no longer disenchanted with the adverse crowd that resides on Reddit, you should post your videos in a certain way.

How to Post YouTube Videos on Reddit

Chances are, you suspect that posting YouTube movies to Reddit is an easy task. After all, all you technically want to do is post a link in your video and be, for your manner, proper. Wrong. Users on this platform called for matters to be achieved positively, and it’s up to your unusual hobby to comply with their regulations.

There are  approaches that a YouTube video can be posted on Reddit:

  • Linked
  • Embedded

Both of these methods present special blessings and downsides. Along with this, positive groups will permit and welcome the promotion of a related video over an embedded video.

Let’s pass over these two posting techniques in greater detail.

How to Link a Video on Reddit

The method of linking a video on Reddit is easy. While this is the case, there are matters you can try this will cause greater interest and engagement in your connected video.

Here’s a way to link a video on Reddit:

  • Find your perfect subreddit
  • View the subreddit regulations
  • Create a publish
  • Link to your video
  • Publish your post

Let’s move over this process in a more significant element.

1. Find Your Ideal Subreddit

To begin, you want to locate your perfect subreddit. Your ideal subreddit can be a network of members of your target market. This is an essential step, as the community you post your video to could have either a fantastic or terrible reaction to your video.

2. View the Subreddit Rules

Once you’ve determined a subreddit you’d want to post your video to, you need to view the regulations. Some groups do now not allow video posts or require you to have posted a certain quantity of non-promotional posts before you can submit a video.

3. Create a Post

After reading the guidelines and ensuring you’ll be able to share a video on your preferred subreddit, your next goal needs to be to create a post. To create a post, scroll to the pinnacle of the subreddit and discover the new put-up in the textual content bar.

4. Link to Your Video

Here’s wherein things get a bit extra complicated. When linking for your video, you ought to do so in a natural and organic manner. If you try to promote people by looking at a video too much, they’ll begin to suspect you of self-advertising. That’s something Reddit users dislike.

5. Publish Your Post

Upon completing your post, your next objective must be to ensure there aren’t any spelling or grammar problems. After all, you want to make an excellent first influence. Following your post evaluation, you could submit your put-up if there are no mistakes.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Reddit

Linking a video is an exceptional manner to share a video on Reddit. However, embedding a video may be even better. Embedded videos are less complicated for Reddit customers to get admission to, which could cause more perspectives and engagements.

Here’s how to embed a YouTube video on Reddit:

  • Find a good subreddit
  • View the subreddit policies
  • Create a brand new submit
  • Click the Link tab
  • Publish your post

Let’s dive deeper into the procedure.

1. Find a Good Subreddit

Similar to linking to a video, your first objective when attempting to embed a video must be finding the right subreddit. Some groups do now not permit movies to be embedded, so ensure your preferred community does.

2. View the Subreddit Rules

Again, it would help if you view the policies of the subreddit you’re thinking about embedding a video. The remaining issue you want to do is get your account banned for not following the regulations created by the moderators.

3. Create a New Post

Upon finding an excellent network that allows video embeds, your next objective should be to create a new post. This may be achieved similarly to how you would make a brand new post for a text post. Click the brand new post textual content container at the top of the page, and you’ll be capable of creating a submission.

4. Click the Link Tab

Unlike publishing textual content, to embed a video to Reddit, you ought to link to it immediately using a hyperlink-based post. All you want to do is click the Link tab while growing a new publish.

5. Publish Your Post

After you have created a title for your post and inserted the URL to the video you’d like to proportion, you could submit your submission. Remember to double-test your post before publishing it to ensure your name consists of no mistakes and your video URL is accurate.

Where to Post YouTube Videos on Reddit

Many people war about knowing where to publish YouTube movies on Reddit. As you may, in all likelihood, imagine, now not understanding wherein to submit videos can lead to terrible consequences and numerous frustration. Luckily sufficient, finding desirable locations to put up films is viable!

Specific audiences are more likely to experience a particular video form than others. Knowing this, it’s your exceptional interest to locate the target audience most likely to respond to the films you’d like to proportionate and sell.

Finding subreddits where your ideal target market resides is as easy as making use of the search bar on the pinnacle of the Reddit website. Type in a preferred term related to your area of interest and study the cautioned communities that seem.

Once you have located some relevant communities, you must ensure they are energetic and permit video sharing. Don’t pull away from groups with a small variety of individuals- the activity degree of the subreddit and the potential to submit movies are what subjects.


You now recognize how to publish a YouTube video on Reddit. Whether you pick to link to or embed a video, marketing makes sure that you proportion motion pictures in suitable communities and comply with the guidelines set with the aid of the moderators. As constantly, ensure the videos you’re sharing offer a fee to the community participants!

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