How to know if your roof needs replacement?

When the weather outside gets freezing and the temperature falls below zero, staying indoors looks like absolute heaven, with a house that is heated and sealed to block any wind or cold from getting inside.

 At such a time, imagine if there are leaks in the roof of your house, its shingles are falling, it is letting the cold air inside, and the temperature inside the house is no more comfortable; this is the time when you need to pay attention to the condition of your roof because it might need some repair or replacement.

But how would you know if your roof needs replacement?

Finding out the answer to this question is not hard when you have professional roofer companies serving you all the time. all you have to do is to give them a call and ask them to come to inspect your roof.

They will check it for any repairs or replacement, and then they will give you advice according to the roof’s condition.

On the other hand, you can do this on your own too. it is possible to inspect your roof for replacement or repair on your own if you can do the following.

  • Moisture

If there is moisture in the attic upstairs and it increases, you will see signs of it there. There would be streaks made from water leakage in brown or dark yellow color. Then the moisture could be felt on the things that are there in the attic. The smell would also be a sign of water in the attic.

  • Life of the roof

The next thing that would indicate the replacement or repair of the roof, is its life. If the roof of your house has seen around 20-25 years, then it will need to be replaced, but still, you will have to check its condition because some roofs can last longer than this period.

  • Saggy roof

When you look at your roof, you will see it sagging if the moisture has done its work. Because a saggy roof would have some boards broken inside it because of the moisture, it would look like it is falling.

  • Moss or mold

If you see moss, mold, or fungus growing in the attic or along the roof, then the roof of your house will need replacement.

Three signs that it’s time to repair or replace your roof

1. Your roof is showing its age. The age of your roof alone may signal the need to repair or replace it. After all, roofs are only good for so long. It’s important to note that different roofing materials have different lifespans. For example, asphalt shingled roofs typically last for 15-20 years. If your roof shows signs of aging or has undergone damage, it may be time to invest in a new roof.

2. The roof has damage. Damaged roofs need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Some damage is evident to an untrained eye, while others require a professional diagnosis. This is because damage appears in a multitude of ways. For example, water spots, rust, and discoloration are three signs of water damage. The shingles could be curling, buckling, or missing entirely. Additionally, you may notice granules building up in the gutter from damaged shingles.

3. You have a leak. If your roof has sustained enough damage that you now leak, it’s time to repair or replace it. A leaky roof has severe consequences for your home. A sagging roof, warped ceilings, watermarks, wet insulation, or mysterious puddles of water indicate an immediate need for roof repair. Water damage affects your home’s structural integrity, so it must be dealt with immediately. 

When to repair your roof?

If possible, a roof repair is preferable over a more expensive roof replacement. However, avoiding a roof replacement and severe water damage requires that repairs be done promptly. Experienced contractors can fix minor damage and extend the life of your roof.

For example, damaged, torn, or missing shingles from high winds or storms are easy to replace. Similarly, moss removal is straightforward and prevents water from slowly seeping into your roof. Seasoned roofers can even patch a moderate roof leak. Whereas inexperienced contractors struggle to repair these leaks, the team at Matt’s Roofing has more than three decades of experience doing just that.

When to replace your roof

Roofs should be replaced once they’re too old, damaged, or need repairs too frequently. A roof replacement is also in your best interest if your home has sustained severe water damage or a significant leak. Although it is a large investment, a new roof can give you peace of mind and increase property value. You can rest easy knowing that your home is protected.

How Often Do Roofs Need To Be Replaced? 

There are many factors you would need to consider when deciding whether your roof needs replacing or not. In addition to the roofing structure and material used, as discussed above, you should consider the following points too:

  • Frequency of inspection: If you have been continuously inspecting and maintaining your roof, the lifespan of your roof will likely be much longer compared to those roofs that have been ignored. 
  • Moisture: Depending on the area where you live, the moisture entering your home can affect the integrity of your roofing structure. In other words, the roof’s strength depletes faster if the humidity and moisture levels are high.
  • Water damages/leaks: If you are experiencing leaks throughout your roof, replacing it is probably the best course of action. Improper installation or materials wearing out are some of the common causes of water leaks.

Interior Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Generally, it is not easy to find out when your roof needs replacing, especially if it’s difficult to reach. It’s something that many homeowners don’t pay attention to every day, and this could be a problem. 

It’s, therefore, important to look for signs indicating that your roof needs to be replaced. Here are some points to consider from inside your property:

  • Daylight entering through the roof: if you notice light entering from the outside, it suggests that there are holes and cracks in your roof.
  • Water damages: If water seeps into your house, one of the first things you would need to check is if it’s coming in through damaged roofs.
  • Sagging: If there is a sag in the middle of a roofing ridge, it may be a sign of structural damage, and this can cause severe damage if not detected early.

Exterior Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing 

Some of the exterior issues listed below cannot be ignored either. These provide additional signs that could indicate that your roof needs replacing.

  • Damaged tiles: certain roofing tiles may be worn out, cracked, or missing. These would have to be rectified by replacing them with new tiles.
  • Moss, algae, and mould are more common in areas with high moisture levels and shade.
  • Insecure guttering: if the gutter from the roof has been displaced, it’s an indication that the roof has been worn out due to damage or rot.
  • Damaged flashing: your flashing could be damaged due to the deteriorating caulking material under the flashing. Adverse weather conditions and oxidation generally contribute to these.
  • Sitting water: If you notice a pool of water not being drained out of the roof, you’ll need to ensure a proper drainage line is fitted.

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