How to Get a Business Rebate for Your Display Fridge

A lot of businesses with refrigeration equipment are eligible for rebates from various government bodies, as well as from their electricity companies. This includes display fridges, freezers and even cool rooms, depending on the energy efficiency rating they’ve been given. If you want to save money on your energy bills and make your company more environmentally friendly at the same time, find out how to get your hands on one of these business rebates!

Why you should be using display fridges

Even if you’re not looking to completely redesign your store, investing in new fixtures is one of the easiest ways to attract customers. You can have your old stock delivered on consignment and set it up next to your new display fridge for people browsing the aisles. Even if they don’t buy it right away, by the time they leave without buying anything, you’ve hopefully hooked them enough that they’ll be more likely to come back and purchase at some point in the future.

Where you can get rebates

I contacted my local SBA office, and I got a helpful list of places where I can apply for various rebates. For example, I found out that I could get $500 back from Efficiency Vermont if I purchase an ENERGY STAR-certified fridge.

Steps to take before buying a new appliance

Before you buy any appliance, whether it be small or large, new or old, always do your research to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. Below are five important steps to take before buying a new appliance of any kind:

Look up the unit on Google Shopping and see what the prices are. This will show you how competitive other sellers of that product really are.

Conditions when applying for rebates

Before applying for rebates, you need to find out if your business is eligible. Ask the following questions:

  • What are the regulations and requirements of the rebate program?
  • What are my responsibilities after getting the rebate?
  • Are there any restrictions? Will it be funded by grants or loans, etc.?
    You can search online for the list of available programs, what they offer, eligibility criteria and so on.

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