How to generate more revenue this Holiday season with SMS marketing?

The holiday season is a time of joy, cheer, and growth for many businesses. It’s a great time to boost your revenue and market your products and services to a wider audience. But how can you do that? One powerful tool is SMS marketing. It’s a cost-effective and convenient way to reach your customers on the go, with personalized messages that can help drive sales. With the right strategy, SMS marketing can help you increase lead generation, build customer loyalty, and boost your bottom line in Australia as well as across the world. 

Read on to learn how to use SMS marketing to generate more revenue this holiday season. 

Proactive messaging for our holiday 

Brands can improvise their sales success this festive season through proactive messaging. It is a method of using SMS marketing in a more personalized way. It enables the customer-facing team to send personalized notifications regarding updates, offers, and exclusive deals via SMS. 

SMS marketing boasts up the sales of any brand thus following steps can be taken to boost your sales. 

  • Brands must inform their consumers about new products, offers, etc. Make sure that SMS is short and precise and direct. 
  • Brands can reduce cart abandonment by improving uptake on holiday sale bundles. 
  • Make your holiday sale personalized and memorable.
  • Don’t forget to provide your consumers best service like giving them timely updates. 
  • Collect feedback from consumers to improve  customer experience during the holiday season.

How to make your holiday campaign a success via SMS marketing? 

Brands can inform their consumers of upcoming holiday sales via text messaging very easily. This marketing is a highly effective method because text messages are not likely to go unnoticed. 

With the help of SMS provider software, one can easily set up SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS provider Australia is the software that provides brands with an automated platform to run their SMS marketing campaigns. 

Brands can bring back their lost customers or those who have ghosted your brand using SMS marketing. Reminding them of the holiday season and exclusive offers can easily increase your sales and enhance your engagement. 

Brands can use SMS marketing to Acquire, Sell, Delight

  • Acquire 

Send SMS messages to the consumers informing them and making them aware of the holiday season. Tell your consumers about the new offers, sales, and discounts. 

Also, remember to add the link to the product page in the SMS itself. This makes it easier for the users to find your page and they are more likely to open it.

  • Sell

The objective of personalized and text message marketing is to help consumers purchase more and more products. Sending a checkout reminder and using strategies such as FOMO and Limited-time holiday deals give maximum benefits. 

  • Delight 

Brands must send messages like order confirmation, order updates, thank you for shopping, etc. to provide consumers with the best customer experience. 

  • Continuous Engagement 

The intrinsic and continuous part of a sales campaign is engagement. Listen to your consumer’s needs to personalize your solutions. Brands must make sure that their customer service campaigns are such that they are there to assist their consumers at every step. Thus it makes it easy for the consumers to connect to your brand and builds their trust. 

Some other ways of using SMS marketing strategy in this Holiday season

  •  Sales notifications

eCommerce brands and businesses must remember to notify their customers as soon as their black Friday, special sales, or any other occasional sales. The objective of these notifications is to pique sales and increase consumer engagement. 

  • Reminders 

Brands that provide courses or deals in services that require an appointment. Remind via text messages should be sent to the consumers as they might forget about their meeting, webinar, or appointment. 

Also, reminders regarding an ending sale of the season or a limited-time offer can bring back consumers who forgot about it but are willing to purchase. Also check here How WhatsApp Bulk SMS helps businesses?

Sending an SMS that gently reminds them of their appointment is considered kind and generous. This helps us build a better connection with the consumers. 

  • Points and rewards

There can be no better way to retain loyal customers and increase consumers other than a reward and points program. This encourages consumers to spend time on your website, app, or e-commerce platform. A referral reward program encourages consumers to connect with more prospective customers which enhances both engagement and sales.  They can be informed about the program via text messages also referral links can be sent via SMS. 

Programs that give reward points for making purchases during the festive or holiday season make it a sales booster again.

Brands can encourage their consumers to collect reward points by offering a free product after a set number of points are collected. 

  • Back in stock Alerts 

Brands must remind their consumers of the products when they are back in stock because it’s not possible for all the prospective customers to keep checking the Website or app. Also, consumers have no idea about your supply chain. If you inform them via SMS those who wanted to purchase the product but could not because it was out of stock will easily purchase it. A simple text message can be of great help to them. During the holiday season, this is very effective because there is a high demand for products at this time. 

  • Return and Refund 

Brands should always allow consumers to return a defective item and get a refund for it. This develops trust and loyalty amongst the consumers. The link to the return page. Should be sent via SMS and consumers can be easily informed about the updated policies. 


According to research and surveys, it is always observed that those who connect to their consumers via text messages and adopt SMS marketing methods are like to have more engagement and returns. This is because the open rates of an SMS are High and rarely SMS goes unnoticed. To prosper this Holiday season make use of an SMS marketing strategy.

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