How To Ensure Your Road Signs Are Well Made

Road signs date back to the late 1800s when they were first made for cyclists. They were to warn cyclists of possible hazards. Unfortunately, these road signs were made of wood or stone and were ineffective.

Today road safety signs have evolved as they now deliver critical information in a very short time. But how are these signs made for them to be effective? Here are some tested tips you can consider following to make an effective road sign;

Keep it short

You may be tempted to make your road signs long and unappealing to read, thinking you will attract more readers. But, unfortunately, many people will pass without turning their heads due to the boring messages. However, you can change this by compelling short messages that are appealing or even catchy phrases that will be in their minds for a long. 

Drivers will easily read short messages with less than 8 words as they will be able to make a connection. Therefore, ensure your message is between three and eight words for them to read. 

Avoid competition

Although competition is essential when running a business, you must place your sign correctly. For instance, you can’t place your road sign where there are fixed road traffic signs. Doing this can be dangerous as placing electrical signs near a large intersection is not an effective way of advertising. 

Avoid spelling mistake

Since the message needs to be short with a large font, spelling mistakes are hard to miss. The message you write on your sign needs to be run through by your coworkers or even family. This way, you have a chance of avoiding some of these mistakes. A spelling mistake could reduce the chances of people taking your message seriously. Therefore, ensure every word is written correctly. 

Contrast colours

To attract more attention, ensure the road safety sign you are making has two contrasting colours; one should be of the words and the other on the background. You can use an additional colour if you wish to. However, note that many colours can be distracting. So instead, ensure you keep everything simple. 

Also, make sure your colours give a good impression. For instance, pink and yellow may show you are inconsistent with your message. The green colour may fail to be noticed if placed near vegetation. Instead, look for a bright colour but, at the same time, inviting and professional. This way, you will make your readers read the sign without turning away or avoiding it. 

Simple visual

A road traffic sign should have big, bold and basic words. The sign you are making will be big, so you need to ensure that the artwork you are going to design will align with the big words. Ensure you don’t pick a regular photo, as it will be blurry. The photo you will be representing should be of high resolution. In such a case, you can ask for help from a professional to avoid making mistakes that would cost you. 

Before placing a road sign, it would be important you ensure it follows the above tips. This will be effective and a great way of advertising your business. 

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