How to Draw A Cartoon Zombie

How to Draw A Cartoon Zombie. The concept of zombies is inherently quite scary! These chaotic monsters have appeared in many fictional works of various genres, and people can’t get enough of them.

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There have been many interpretations over the years, and now you can create your own while learning to draw a cartoon zombie! At the end of this tutorial, you can create your cartoon zombie and put it in all sorts of spooky scenarios!

How to Draw A Cartoon Zombie

Step 1

Let’s take things from above as we start this cartoon zombie drawing. We’re going to draw her head here, and while it’s a cartoonish interpretation, there’s still some great detail included.

We will use some circles for her eyes and curved lines for her nose. Its head will be pretty round and smooth, and there will be a large scar with stitches extending into the head. We will then use an extensive curved line for his ear and draw his open mouth.

Step 2

In this stage of our direction on drawing a cartoon zombie, we will leave his head and draw the beginning of his shirt. As you can see in a few later steps, he is posed in a traditional zombie pose with his arms outstretched.

The sleeve of the jersey closest to us as spectators is raised, and there is a small gap for the arm to go in later. So for the life of her shirt, we’re going to use a lot of curved and creased lines to make it look wrinkled. There will also be gaps in the upper left side of the shirt, but these will be filled soon too.

Step 3

In this third step, we will add a lot to the drawing! You should try to take this slowly and enjoy: We’re going to draw some teeth in his mouth. Each tooth will be small and rounded.

We draw his outstretched arms. The arms are very detailed and have lots of curved lines. They start pretty thin, then get thicker and rounder before getting to the downward angle pointers at the ends.

Add some cross-hatch lines on the shirt to add texture detail. There’s a lot to add, but take your time and follow the pictures and you’ll be fine!

Step 4

Next, we will add the pants that your cartoon zombie design will wear. These are placed to show that the zombie is walking. The left leg is lifted slightly in the air while the other is stretched backward.

They are drawn with some curved and rounded lines. The right leg has a flat base, while the left has a rounded opening. Once those pants are off, we’ll move on to some final points in the next phase of the guide!

Step 5

It’s time to add the finishing touches and details before moving on to the final step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon zombie!

First, we’ll add the legs. The legs are similar to the arms as they are thin before ending with big feet. The feet are drawn with mostly curved and rounded lines.

Draw A Cartoon Zombie

Next, we’ll add more minor details, like tiny hairs sticking out of the head, and then color the inside of the mouth between the teeth black. Once you’ve added those final details, you’re ready for the final step!

Before that, you can also add any additional details you like. It could be fun to design a wallpaper for him, and there are so many fun scenarios you could create for him!

Step 6

The final process with this cartoon zombie drawing is to finish it with some colors! In our example, we used light green for her skin, then chose gray for her shirt and blue for her pants. You could use these colors for your image, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color choices!

Cartoon Zombie Drawing

This is your drawing, and you can spend it as you want. The possibilities are endless, and you can play with color combinations and artistic means.

Your Cartoon Zombie Drawing is Finished!

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