How to Control Acne while going to Work with COVID_19 Measures


Offices have resumed and all you are stressed about is not Corona but the fear of going to work and having to wear masks all day long causing more and more acne? We can feel you. That is exactly why we come up with some acne control through skincare products measure during COVID_19.


With an aim to slow the spread of COVID-19, it has become extremely compulsory to wear a mask and thus it has turned into a daily life routine for us. It is now important to wear mask in public places, restaurants, stores, offices, and pretty in every gatherings, as a barrier against the spread of COVID__19 virus. Even though this initiative helps slow the spread of Corona but what should we do about acne that is spreading on a much higher pace.

With these rules in place, many of the working spaces worldwide have restarted their operations. This calls for wearing protective gear throughout the day and that is a huge downside for sweat and acne prone skin.

Are we really going to just give up on our skin? That was not an option.

So, basically if you are developing any breakouts as a result of wearing masks all day long, you are not the only one. This condition is spreading as fast as COVID_19 itself. So much that people have actually named it “maskne” (mask acne), which is the occurring of acne due to wearing masks.

Wearing mask all day does not just cause acne, though. It can also upshot the skin related issues including redness, bumpiness, and irritation.

We have tried and divided the conditions of acne during the COVID_19 outbreak in the following categories, to understand better, how and in what ways it is affecting our skin.

Acne: Acne basically occurs on the skin when the pores turn clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and pollution. It may then result in acne, whiteheads, or blackheads.

Rosacea: it is a skin condition, which causes redness and shows blood vessels on your face. Therefore, if you have it then wearing masks during COVID_19 can result in flare-ups, which leads to acne and redness.

Contact dermatitis: it is basically allergies and sensitive skin that is more prone to catching dirt and causing reactions. Mostly, when your skin is sensitive it may not be able adjust with the material of masks and thus result in rashes, irritation, acne and blisters.

Folliculitis. A kind of infection in the hair follicles results in bumps or also perceived as an acne. During this infection people usually feel itchy or mild pain.

If any of you have all or even one of these conditions, it is certain that your skin is prone to develop acne.

Now, if you are concerned about acne during COVID_19 outbreak, read on. We are going to explore the probable causes of acne, as well as the measures to cure or prevent it.

First step of acne prevention during COVID_19 should be with acids: For daily life care, a slight concentration of stronger acids that normally includes Salicylic and Glycolic can be great to take off dead skin cells and remove the excess oil from skin resulting in curing acne. You can simply use any salicylic acid face wash that does not affect the skin and the traces of actives that are left behind tend to work constantly.

Hydration all the way: What is that one thing that is best for the skin you might ask? Thus, the answer is hydration. The internal and external hydration goes a long way to keep cells active and makes the transport of nutrients easy while keeping the skin fresh and healthy, which means lesser acne. Therefore, we recommend you to increase your water consumption to 3 – 3.5 liters per day and use toners, mists and serums on the face specifically for hydration and acne prevention during COVID_19.

You need to fight acne from within: Repeatedly, you might have heard about powerful benefits of Niacin amide. It basically helps in reducing excessive oil from your pores – slow progress but really effective. It also targets larger pores and the rashes on your skin that causes acne – mainly from the excess oil production on skin. Lastly, it also strengthens the barriers, which prevent acne.

It is very important to cool down the acne with the right products and ingredients: thus, the pacifying process in acne prevention during COVID_19 includes ingredients like; Aloe, lot of intake of juices, Centella Asiatica, Green tea consumptions, Oats, which tend to have anti inflammatory action. You must increase the consumption of these ingredients in your daily life to cool down angry, hot and flushed acne.

In order to cure acne with masks, we also have to reduce the shine and oiliness on the skin by mattifying it: Say hello to a new shine. By allowing your skin to look dull or flat initially if it stays few hours in any mask, it will result in heating up the skin, conceal excess oil and the sweat simultaneously. Thus, you may use mattifying sunscreens in place of makeup powders to prevent acne and oiliness.

Is your eating habiting contributing in the cause of acne prevention during COVID_19? What you eat has a great effect on your stomach. Too much consumption of hot foods surges the occurrence of acne. Thus, try to eat food items that keeps the stomach clean and cool.

Now, after reading all of this one thing is certain that we do not have to overdo anything to prevent acne: Every time we sweat a little or the skin starts to look oily, cleansing has to be in action, isn’t it? Well, it actually deteriorates the skin’s initial defense-surface barrier and acid mantle. Therefore, we recommend cleansing three times a day.

Lastly, if your acne is more severe, or it is stubborn enough to exist after trying all of the above, we recommend you to please visit a good dermatologist or health care provider. Stay safe while COVID_19 prevails.

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