How to Choose Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage doors are common installations in modern homes, while torsion springs are an essential part of every garage door system because they enable proper function (opening and closing) and provide a counterbalance to a door as the door opener conducts and controls the movement. Garage doors are bulky and have many moving components; hence various factors should be considered when choosing their garage door torsion springs, as explained. 

What are garage door torsion springs?

Torsion spring coils consist of thick steel wire and are used to counteract the heaviness of garage doors by applying a rotating or twisting force. The weight of a garage door ranges between 200 and 500 pounds, depending on its shape or size.

The torsion springs are installed on the upper part of the door and are twisted as the door closes, storing motion energy. When you push the button, the garage door spring releases allowing the door to swing open, and proper garage door operation depends on using the right springs and cables.

A balanced garage door may be raised and lowered with the help of its cables, which will support its weight, and springs and supply the energy needed. By taking some of the load off the garage door opener, the springs are also an integral part of the mechanism.

How do you choose garage door torsion springs?

Consider the wind direction.

Both torsion springs on a modern garage door must turn in the same direction to raise and lower the door, and the left and right springs on a standard garage door are usually separated by a divider at the door’s center. Left-wound springs have their ends pointing in a clockwise direction, whereas right-wound springs point in the opposite direction.

Measure Overall Length

A torsion spring’s winding capacity regulates its overall length. A torsion spring that is too small will not be able to support the weight of the door. An open garage door makes it impossible to precisely measure the spring’s length.

Measure the wire size

You can establish the correct wire size by measuring the length of several coils on an old spring and then use a spring size measurement table to determine the correct gauge.

Establish torsion spring color-code

Additionally, you can avoid the difficulty of figuring out the size of your garage door’s spring by doing something as simple as looking at the color code.

Different types of springs have different color codes, and generally, a garage door spring should have a brightly colored strip on it; hence you can tell the garage door company which springs you need, by looking for a certain stripe on the coils.

Take Away

Knowing what to consider when choosing your garage door torsion spring and how it operates will help you know when it needs repairs or replacements. When ordering new torsion springs, have their precise dimensions on hand.

If you have all the specifics, ordering the right torsion springs will be quick and easy. Additionally, it would help you seek advice from an expert before choosing a torsion spring.

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