How safe is DramaCool?

How safe is DramaCool?

There are several hypotheses that could explain this query, thus it’s probable that some individuals will disagree with my response. I figured that since this platform doesn’t display any objectionable content, kids can use it without worry. Moreover, there is no fee to view the information. Additionally, compared to other websites in the safe genre, there are either no or little adverts on DramaCool. I haven’t encountered any intrusive adverts yet, which is quite remarkable. So, in my opinion, you can watch your preferred Korean drama on this highly safe and dependable website.

How can I prevent this from occurring?

Why do I always encounter pop-up advertisements and be forwarded to other websites whenever I try to view something on DramaCool or another website?

Use of the Chrome advertising block plugin is the only solution. However, I’ve heard that a future update to Chrome will eliminate the ability to disable adverts, so yeah, that’s a bummer. Of course, I now understand the purpose of advertisements, even those on YouTube. But there are a few reasons why I decide to use ad-blocking rather than paying to see the creator’s adverts.

First ads only count, and the creator is only compensated when other people view them or click on their links; the amount paid to those sites depends on how many people visit them. However, some websites find ways to genuinely irritate you.

1. There is no close tab every time you click the X it will direct you to those sites instead of closing them.
2. This is the reason why you even choose to press X in the first place they spam ads on their site literally sparking everywhere, really trying to tick you off If you are reading or focusing. I am cool with ads but I am not cool with they showing all sort of weird or even unrelated ads sparking everywhere in front of my screen and when I try to kill them -1- happen.

3. Forcing visitors to see advertisements; certain websites are set up to open the link automatically and send you to another page numerous times before letting you access the material you desire. Since my Anti-Virus programme pings up like crazy every time those entries pop-up, this is forcing entry and by all means has made me really unhappy. Most of the links are even toxic and unsafe by conventional standards.

4. Advertising are used in a very obnoxious way. This is the one thing that has ever caused me to despise YouTube: occasionally, ads would start playing in the middle of videos. Imagine that while you are viewing something with great interest and focus, for some reason, commercials for a delivery app appear out of nowhere and you are unable to skip them. This would definitely ruin the mood.

The ironic thing is that, despite the fact that most people tend to prefer blocking advertisements to viewing them because many times the developers really abuse ads and spam it continuously, the Ads Block application really made considerably more money than actual ads.

Is it being sued for copyright violations?

As we’ve already mentioned, they frequently change their domain name to avoid copyright infringement, but DramaCool was really sued for copyright infringement back in 2016. Although it is employing unlawful methods to give you the thrilling stuff, they didn’t mean any harm. Additionally, it is acceptable to use websites like DramaCool in many nations. You can therefore use DramaCool to watch your preferred Korean dramas if you are from one of those nations.


One of the nicest and most positive aspects of DramaCool is the ability to watch South Korean drama with English subtitles. However, there are several viewpoints about its dependability and legitimacy that can be found online.
Finally, it is up to you to decide whether or not to Utilise this website. We have completed our assignment to clarify and respond to a few of the most frequent inquiries regarding the DramaCool. We hope you found this information to be useful. But if you’re still unsure, leave a remark below.

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