How Korrect is the Best Alternative to the UserSnap?

Don’t bother with lengthy spreadsheets, email chains, or other technology. For you and your personnel, we simplify the entire online feedback collecting, administration, and monitoring process.

Consider using one of the finest Usersnap alternative as you create better goods and services. Your go-to source for customer feedback is Korrect.

Why to Choose the Korrect Compare to the User Snap? 

Effective for creating a product or website

Possess the ability to manage client input on significant structural and design modifications to the website or product.

Chrome Add-On

Usersnap’s chrome extension cannot compete with Korrect’s robust extension in terms of usability, accessibility, and other factors.

Combined bug tracking and feedback management

complete features for creating and managing problems, as well as for managing team and visitor feedback from development through launch and further improvement.

Future of criticism

Do not just write your remarks on the image. Make sure everything you wish to show off is demonstrated.

Roles of the Team Members

Assign duties to each team member based on how and what they will be doing throughout the project. Add managers, owners, and administrators.

Choose a dashboard view.

Choose between a list view and a table view in order to manage client feedback, problem tracking, and visual evaluations.

One-Stop Feedback Management Program

Korrect is a comprehensive platform for user satisfaction and customer delight for product managers. You can understand why we don’t want to assess UserSnap against each feature:

Make comments on live web pages.

Using real-time comments, you can provide your team timely feedback. Maintain consistency among the content, design, and development teams.

Display each action

The Activities tab allows you to view all of your website changes, content additions, and page comments. This ensures that your team never loses sight of ongoing operations.

A standalone website, an in-frame, or an in-app widget.

Korrect may be quickly and easily implemented into your current web application with just one line of code.

A fully integrated approach

With just one line of code, Korrect may be fully incorporated into your web application.

Give consideration to client feedback

Use more than just up and downvotes. Your input is given priority by Korrect based on higher criteria.

Online a changelog.

Inform your clients about new features. Keep track of your development and let customers know when there are any updates.

Monitor client satisfaction

In what ways has customer satisfaction changed throughout time? Don’t only talk about bugs or new concepts.

Client projects are shared

You may utilize the shareable link to keep your clients updated at all times by providing them with a unique project URL. This would allow your clients to see all the advancements you and the team have achieved. The feedback loop and turnaround time are eventually shortened.

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