How Drama Classes Can Improve Child’s Development

How Drama Classes Can Improve Child’s Development. Every parent wishes to raise healthy and happy kids. Luckily, many types of research are conducted on what are child’s developmental milestones and how parents can improve them. The early years of a child are important in building a strong character. Parents are their role models. Whatever they will do, a child will try to mimic them. Giving them a healthy environment can help them in becoming mindful and confident. 

Getting ready for Parenting:

Raising a little human is not an easy task. It requires patience and understanding of a child’s psychology. Experts have given a few guidelines for parents which will help them in nurturing their children better. Here are a few tips:

  • Being a parent can be tiring. Always take out time for yourself. A relaxed mind will be better at handling a child.
  • Recall your childhood. Analyze what could be done differently for you for becoming a stronger person. Revise your parenting method accordingly.
  • Your child is new to this world. He will explore everything around him. Children are messy, accept it.
  • Adopt those traits which you want your child to have. By seeing you practicing strong skills, your child will automatically tune into those traits. 
  • ‘’Action speaks louder than words’’. Show your unconditional love through your actions. Give them quality time and play with them. 
  • Give them respect, be a good listener and understand their small needs. 
  • Your child needs a happy parent. Children instantly detect negative emotions which can leave a bad impact on their young minds. Don’t outburst your emotions on your child. 
  • Learn about child developmental stages and track their growth. 

What are Developmental Milestones?

A child’s development is the process of growing over time. From being dependent to independent. There are different developmental milestones to be achieved at specific ages. Let’s discuss them down below:

  • Physical Development: Gross and fine motor skills, brain, muscles, height, and weight development. It is the ability to control and use the body. 
  • Cognitive Development: how a child thinks, identifies objects, explores, and processes information from his surroundings. This also includes brain development.
  • Social/ Emotional Development: Bond development with family, ability to express different emotions and connect to surroundings.
  • Language Development: Ability to learn and communicate through language spoken by family.

Improving child’s developmental milestone:

It is crucial to know and keep an eye on developmental milestones. This way parents can know that their child is growing healthy. Different techniques can boost a child’s developmental milestones. One interesting way to enhance a child’s development is through Drama Classes.

Drama Classes to boost Child’s Development:

In Singapore, drama schools are gaining popularity due to their immense benefits in improving a child’s personality. Studies have shown how drama classes can inculcate strong moral and personal skills in children. Many Drama Schools in Singapore are conducting a different forms of art classes, like Helen O Grady. They provide speech and drama classes for ages 2 years to 18 years

Benefits of Drama Classes in children:

In Singapore, performing arts is considered to be co-curricular activity. Parents are keen to send their children to Drama Schools in Singapore. Let’s dive into the benefits:

  • Boosts Imagination:

During the storytelling of the drama, the child will imagine the character to understand how the role is performed. He will picture himself in a particular character. He will explore his creativity. He will see things differently around himself.  A mop could be a witches’ flying broom, a bowl can be a cap. This will help a child to come up with creative ideas for real-world situations.

  • Builds up Confidence: 

If your child is shy, stage fright can be expected. Drama classes like Helen O Grady’s, helps children understand to focus on the message rather than the audience. Your kid can overcome nervousness in expressing emotions in the new gatherings. Some breathing techniques are also taught which helps in controlling nervousness. 

  • Improves Social Skills:

Through drama, a connection is made with the audience. Your kid will make new meaningful friendships in his drama classes. He will learn from people of different backgrounds but with the same performing art interests.  

  • Physical fitness and body movements:

Drama is a full-fledged physical and mental activity. The whole drama is played in coordination with the actors. Who will come when after what? This increases their focus on timings as well. A play requires bodily movements expressing an action or an expression at the right time. 

  • Promotes teamwork:

A successful play is generated through teamwork. Drama classes in Singapore focus on embedding teamwork skills for a lifelong. Collective efforts and efficiency can yield greater success. 

  • Strong Communication Skills: 

Verbal and non-verbal communication is strengthened through drama classes. Children can become better at self-expression. Not everyone can make an impact through communication. Drama classes will instill the young souls to deliver their opinion with significant impact. 

  • Learning new concepts:

A child can learn new concepts of life through play. Memorization of dialogues will improve learning abilities, pronunciations, and vocabulary. They will be able to see things from others’ perspectives and learn moral values from the story. 


A trend of drama classes in Singapore is a great step towards raising healthy children. Different Drama Schools like Helen O Grady, are intended to inculcate lifetime skills in little humans.
Trying out different costumes, and pretending to be someone else, these activities can boost lifetime learning for children. The skills learned through drama classes are needed in life to become successful. As a parent, you always wish to do your best. Engage your child in such activities for happier kids. Strong and productive childhood activities will develop successful habits and traits. Drama Classes Can Improve Child’s Development.

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