How Does a Video Animation Company Do Its Job?

Explainer video companies are companies with a specialization in animated video production, in particular. A video animation company can develop a video for businesses for different purposes. For instance, it can create explainer videos for businesses to deploy as tv commercials, training videos, event videos, etc. Typically, an animated video company comprises a team of professionals who develop videos for businesses while working as a team. The animated video production team may include scriptwriters, sketch artists, illustrators, voice-over artists, animators, and editors.

Moreover, a professional video production company works with the goal to develop a high-quality explainer video while successfully meeting the needs of its clients. Full-service explainer video companies also take care of post-production for businesses, including video editing and distribution after video production.  

What Is the Job of an Animated Video Production Company?     

The animated video production company is responsible for the video production process for businesses from the beginning to the end. The video production process embraces pre-production, production, and post-production. You may understand the three phases of video production as follows:

  1. Pre-Production: The pre-production phase includes the development of a video concept alongside the creation of a script and storyboard.
  1. Production: The production phase involves the making and completing of an animated video.
  1. Post-Production: It is the stage that involves editing and finalization of an animated video.

How Does an Animated Video Production Company Work?

An explainer video company works with clients to develop animated videos in line with their needs. Working together, they develop a concept and come up with a script for an animated video. After the approval of the script from clients, video production companies start working on animated video production. Video production companies also edit explainer videos after their completion and send them to clients for approval. If the client approves the final video, video production companies distribute it to channels.

Besides, it is the responsibility of video production companies to develop high-quality videos for businesses. Utilizing creativity and technical expertise, reputable explainer video companies develop informative and entertaining animated explainer videos. A video animation company also plays a vital role in advertising and marketing explainer videos for its clients. In other words, they assist brands in promoting their products and services. Now, we shall dive into the details of the three phases of animated video production.

Details of the Three Phases of Animated Video Production

Here are the details of the three phases of animated video production:

  1. Pre-Production Phase – The First Stage: It is the phase in which video production companies help businesses develop and finalize a concept. Professionals come up with the script and storyboard in this phase, which set the foundation of an animated video. Video production companies also provide their expert assistance to clients if they feel the need to make sure everything goes smoothly. Hiring a full-service video animation company, like Glowza Digital with a team of creative writers, sketch artists, illustrators, animators, and voice-over artists make the video production process easier for businesses. We also advise you to prioritize hiring a full-service video production company to make the most out of video production.
  1. Production Phase – The Second Stage: It is the phase that involves the making and eventually completion of a video. However, esteemed video production companies proceed with animated video production while consistently communicating with their clients. For instance, they will move on to the creation of illustrations once their clients approve the storyboard. Similarly, they will finalize animations, voice-over, and background music once clients approve them. The production phase of an explainer video typically involves two-way communication, which is beneficial in the sense clients know the progress.

Moreover, a reputable video production moves to post-production if the clients ask for any changes. The post-production phase also entails the distribution of explainer videos on video-sharing platforms.

  1. Post-Production Phase – The Third and Final Stage: It is an important stage considering the fact this phase ensures video production is done as per the needs of clients. Video production companies make changes in the final video that clients may ask them to make. The post-production phase can entail minor changes in animations, audio mixing, and visual effects. Besides, reputable video production companies don’t need to make many changes to a final video for clients. They don’t need to make them because they meticulously engage in video production for businesses from the start.

Understanding the Difference between Different Types of Video Production Companies

In order to choose the right video production company to create an explainer video for your brand, you need to understand the difference between different types of video production companies. Besides, there are video production companies that specialize in corporate event video production, animated video production, and more. Furthermore, there are video production studios, too, which offer a variety of services related to video production.

In addition, there are video production agencies, which differ from a video production company in a certain way. A video production company is responsible for creating a video for a business. Further, it can typically handle all three stages of video production for businesses. On the other hand, a video production agency has a prime focus on generating ideas and creating campaigns for businesses to help them accomplish certain objectives.   

There are also media companies besides video production companies with a sole focus on the production of video content. Media companies can also produce other types of content, like print or audio, plus video content. Video production companies typically have their own in-house staff for video production. Contrarily, media companies may outsource services to produce content for businesses.

In addition, video production studios have more in-house resources than video production companies. For instance, they have state-of-the-art equipment and resources, which allows them to engage in complex video production projects, too. Conversely, animated video production companies typically have stronger relationships with small business clients and freelancers. Thus, they are better suitable for video projects for small businesses.

How to Choose an Animated Video Production Company

It is important to know your budget on hand and needs first before you choose an explainer video company. You may reach out to different video production companies and ask them for quotes if you suffer difficulty in choosing one. It will also help you get an idea of their pricing and the services they offer. Consequently, it will help you find and choose the right company as per the needs of your video project.


A video animation company can help brands create videos to captivatingly promote their brand image to the audience. Esteemed video production companies work with the goal to develop brilliant videos for brands. They make sure that the explainer videos they create for brands perfectly address the needs of their clients. In addition, video production companies are responsible for the video production process from business from the beginning to the end. Typically, video production companies are involved in all three stages of video production to develop videos for clients. The three stages of the video production process include the following:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production

Besides video production companies, there are also video production studios with more advanced equipment and resources. In general, video production studios are suitable for businesses with complex video projects. Conversely, video production companies are suitable for small business video projects. Lastly, it all comes down to your budget and needs to choose a video production company and finally develop an explainer video.

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