Hoverboard for children: Guide to choosing a hoverboad

The hoverboard is certainly the trend of the moment. If your child has known the beautiful world of hoverboard for kids and absolutely wants one, to help you choose, here is our selection of the best hoverboards for children.

Hoverboards for kids: our selection

The hoverboard is a kind of motorized that requires a certain amount of balance . How does the hoverboard work? By moving the center of gravity of the body forward, the vehicle accelerates, by moving it backwards, it brakes and by bringing the feet towards the most lateral part of the platform it is possible to make turns.

Despite being made in a stable and solid way, the hoverboard is recommended for children over 14 years of age , while it is better to direct the little ones to a scooter a much safer and easier way to use for the little ones. It should also be remembered that the use of the hoverboard on the street is forbidden and it is advisable to use it in areas free from possible dangers, such as large car parks, large rest areas and the like.

1. VEVEpower Hoverboard

This electric hoverboard is lightweight, eco-friendly, easy to ride and will allow you to “float” fast and be mobile at a maximum speed of 10-12km/h. With the new generation of smart sensors and two front LED lights, this hoverboard will provide you with a safe and stable riding experience.

2.RCB Hoverboards

This hoverboard is equipped with two powerful motors, it can accelerate 15km/h under normal riding condition. The battery does not overheat, the tires are solid and made of 6.5″ non-slip rubber. It is equipped with a colored LED and bluetooth to listen to music from all compatible music devices.

3. BEBK Hoverboards

This hoverboard has heavy duty 6.5 inch wheels. Maximum speed: 12km/h. Autonomy: 15km/ Max: 20km. It has an aluminum and plastic frame weighing 9 kg. The battery recharges very quickly in about 1 or 2 hours and is CE certified.

4. GEARSTONE Hoverboards

It has a motor equipped with independent double gyroscope, reaches the maximum speed up to 15km/h. With its solid shock absorbing tires, you can ride with more stability.

It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and LED lights, easily connects to your smartphone or any Bluetooth device. 

6. Segway Hoverboards

This hoverboard adapts to all terrains, such as grass, beach and dirt road. Equipped with two motors and a high-quality battery, this self-balancing scooter has excellent performance. It features a built-in speaker and Bluetooth. It has an elegant and futuristic design.

7. NEOMOTION Hoverboards

This hoverboard can be transformed into a kart. It’s easy to handle: you can easily drive in all directions by turning 360° using the steering wheel thanks to its two handles and its comfortable seat. It is equipped with safety LEDs for driving in the dark. Thanks to the built-in speaker and bluetooth, you can listen to music while driving.

8. GeekMe Hoverboards

This hoverboard has a 350W motor and smart gravity sensor. Easy to learn even for beginners; it has an elegant design and is equipped with quality bluetooth speakers and colorful LED lights. It has a maximum speed of 14 km/h and is equipped Hoverboards Christmas Sale with a raised seat that transforms it into a hoverkart.

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