Honda Dio Scooty Benefits Everyone Should Know

The benefits of scooters include their practicality, affordability, and ease of use. The best use for them is to commute within the city quickly. The challenge here is that there are a number of scooter models on the market, which makes it cumbersome to find the best one in India. There is no doubt that the Honda Dio is the first sporty scooter in India. Stylish and high-performing for the Dio scooty price, it is a favorite among the youth. 

With the introduction of the 2022 Honda Dio, the company has updated the model with practical and visual features that will appeal to young people. In our opinion, it’s a great gearless bike, especially for youth. We would describe Honda Dio as a beautifully designed Single Masterpiece for its appearance and how the design elements have been mounted (such as headlamps and fog lamps). In 2017, the all-new Dio gave you more for less than the Honda Activa 4G!


  • 110cc engine capacity
  •  40 km/l mileage
  • The weight of this item is 104 kilograms
  • 5.3 liters of fuel capacity
  • 765 mm is the seat height


When it comes to performance, the 110cc engine of the Dio is extremely reliable and consistent. It’s a pleasant sound to hear the motor-scooter throttle when you’re on it. There is enough power and torque for the bike to climb steep and difficult terrain, with its 110cc engine delivering 8 horsepower and 8.91Nm torque.


This scooter is well-integrated with all of its components, so it doesn’t look like it has been fitted with anything extra. Several design details, such as the appropriately placed turn indicators on the dashboard or the foot pegs for the pillion passenger, are all integrated into one piece and conform to the bike’s overall design. In our review of TVS Motors’ Zest 100 scooter, we noticed that the rear foot pegs were folding automatically. 

In addition to the front design, the illuminated fog lamps are a sight to behold. It is no wonder that other scooter manufacturers in India copy this design. Additionally, the new dual-tone color Sports Red combined with Black paint catches the eye. It’s already been discussed that the Dio is getting new dual-tone colors, but the “Moto-Scooter” design makes it stand out from the crowd. An edgy speedometer design and bold body-mounted headlamp make it stand out in the crowd.

Engine and Transmission

Featuring a 109.19cc fan-cooled, 4-stroke, SL BS-4 engine, the 2017 Honda Dio is all-new BS4, AHO compliant. At 7000 rpm, the Honda Dio’s engine delivers a maximum output of 8.91 Nm and produces 5.83 kW (8 bhp) for the Honda scooty price. A 110cc engine is mated to an automatic gearbox on the Honda Dio – the scooter is both kickstart and self-startable.


An equalizer on the Honda Dio helps reduce braking distances thanks to CBS (Combi-braking System). The 130mm drum brakes are installed on both the front and rear tyres.


Honda Dio measures 1781mm long, 710mm wide, and 1133 mm high, with a 1238mm wheelbase. In the 2017 Honda Dio, the seat height is 765mm, which makes it suitable for both tall and short riders. The fuel tank capacity is 5.3 litres, and the weight of the latest Dio is 103 kilograms (Kerb weight).


Depending on the speed at which the scooter is driven and the terrain conditions, the mileage of the 2017 Honda Dio is around 45 Kmpl in city conditions.


With the Dio 2017, you and your partner can enjoy short-distance road trips in comfort on the wide and comfortable seat. Also, the bags come with grab rails that can increase stability.

Smart Utility

In the 2017 Honda Dio, a Mobile Charging Socket is located under the seats, which can be used to charge your smartphone via USB ports. You can store all your valuables, like helmets, handbags, books, etc., in the Honda Dio’s 18L under-seat storage space.

Ride quality 

Compared to the Activa, the Dio has a less plush ride. Due to its lower weight, it is stiffer, and the springs have been stiffened. The results are not so good for the pillion. When the pillion is at the back, the ride quality isn’t as comfortable as that of a scooter, and the pillion will complain about it. In spite of the front feeling overly light, the rider remains in control when changing direction quickly or riding enthusiastically. As enjoyable as TVS Wegos or Yamaha Rays, the Dio corners well with good poise. 

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