Gum Pinkening: A New Way To Freshen Up Your Smile

If you’re at all self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth or gums, you might be surprised to know that pinker gums can help you look younger and feel more confident. Just ask our own Britegum team members, who were so impressed with their gum-pinkening results that they started sharing their secret with friends, family, and even complete strangers – like you.

What Does It Mean When We Pinken Your Gum?

If you’ve ever been embarrassed by yellowish, dry-looking gums, we have a solution for you. At Britegums, our revolutionary procedure of gum pinkening is what we call the process of giving your gums a fresh and vibrant new color. As dentists, it is our job to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy and happy. Healthy gum tissue is key to achieving this goal.

What Will Happen During And After The Procedure?

The procedure is easy. The dentist will numb the gums with Novocain and then use a laser to seal the pink dye right into your gums. After a few minutes, the doctor will remove any excess product and you’ll be on your way.
What are the benefits of gum pinkening? Well, it’s a quick procedure that can give you fresh, healthy-looking gums in just minutes! Plus, it’s less expensive than some other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or veneers.
What are some things I should know before I start? You should speak with your dentist about whether gum pinkening is right for you and what are the best ways to maintain your pearly whites after treatment.

The Cost Of This Service:

At Britegums, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve your smile. With so many different cosmetic dentistry procedures available, it’s hard to know which one is best for you. That’s why our team is dedicated to finding the perfect treatment option for you – one that will make you feel good about your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. We have a variety of treatments available, so whether it’s just freshening up your gums or reshaping them all together, there is an option for everyone. Whether you want more confidence in social situations or are looking forward to better oral hygiene, gum pinkening can help!

How To Prepare For Gum Pinkening With Us:

We always want you to feel confident about your teeth, and that’s why we can ensure you the best treatment for your gums. We recommend coming in for an examination with us at least every six months because this helps us spot any changes as they happen. If you do notice something unusual, like a sore or a sudden sensitivity, call us and we’ll get you an appointment as soon as possible.
1) To prepare for gum pinkening with Britegums, we recommend not eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before your appointment. This will give your gums time to rest and won’t irritate them during treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Britegums is the first and only medical group in the world that offers gum pinkening as a treatment. We call it pinkening for short since we are literally pinkening your gums. If you have gum disease or just some discoloration, then this procedure could be right for you! Our revolutionary methods will give you a fresh and healthier smile in a way that no other dentist can offer.

FAQs About Our Pinkening Service:

We’re not a teeth whitener. We call our revolutionary procedure gum pinkening since that’s what we’re doing to the gums: pinkening them. If you look up the word pinkening in the dictionary, you won’t find a definition. It can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb and while it may sound somewhat strange, the results are worth it!

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