Get Women’s Aesthetic Dresses From the 13 Best Brands

There are numerous ways to express your style and personality through clothing that reflects who you are. Iconic supermodels, influencers, and artists like Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Dua Lipa often showcase their love for e-girl and baddie aesthetics. Soft Girls, Dark Academia, Femboys, or Y2K, are so many different variations. Nothing beats expressing your individuality, so keep scrolling to be inspired by these ideal outfits that will suit your aesthetic. 

Let’s find the best women’s aesthetic dresses from the top brands. Ruve offers high-quality women’s aesthetic dresses at an affordable price. We have significant experience in using these dresses. If you want to read more about Ruve, click on Ruve Review.Get Women's Aesthetic Dresses From the 13 Best Brands

  1. Girlfriend Collective

There are many reasons to love this eco-friendly activewear brand, from promoting size-inclusivity and slow fashion to their consistency. The brand carries up to 6X with natural bodies in mind.

They’re also made ethically from recycled water bottles and fabric scraps. Their dresses are as comfortable as it is fashionable, with the added benefit of being environmentally conscious. Please read our Women’s Aesthetic Dresses.

  1. Lululemon

Lululemon delivers an unmatched athleticwear performance. Their Nulu fabric is silky soft, breathable, and lightweight, and their other workout gear fabrics are equally impressive. Their leggings have gained a cult-like following, and it’s for a reason. 

Lulu’s extensive product lines are fitness fanatic and celeb-approved, as seen on celebrities ranging from Hilary Duff to Meghan Markle. They also cover a variety of sweat-inducing activities, both indoors and outdoors. Suppose you’re looking for anything from reflective bike shorts to durable yoga mats and insulated water bottles. Lululemon has your workout needs covered.

  1. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a modern and cool wellness brand. Despite being a yoga-centred label, Alo has the durability and premium feel you look for when investing in any high-quality activewear. They recently released their luxury Ready-to-Wear line at New York Fashion Week, which includes trousers and a blazer trench. Their leggings move with the body when you sweat, which works well in any workout environment.

  1. Bandier

Bandier is technically not a brand, but the multi-brand retailer stocks fashionable fitness wear from companies. They also provide exclusive and limited-edition workout accessories. And then there are its original collections — we love this collaboration with influencers which is why we think it deserves a spot on this list. 

Besides carrying significant trademarks, Bandier also holds stellar sports bras, ultra-comfy leggings, and impeccably crafted workout gear. So, if you’re looking for women’s aesthetic dresses, Bandier is your place.  

  1. Athleta

A staple that proved indispensable is a good workout legging — and that’s what Athleta does best. They’ve mastered legging that molds to the body, doesn’t roll into the hips, and holds up after multiple wears. However, the level of brag-worthy workout attire does not end there. This Gap Inc.-owned activewear comes in a variety of fabrics. Others are compressive and reflective, while others are airtight and breathable. There are numerous styles of women’s aesthetic dresses available. They’re buttery soft, and cosy enough to wear while lounging around, whether it’s a flare, straight-leg, or split-hem. 

  1. Tory Sport

Tory Burch’s seventies-inspired sportswear line captures the elegance of sport in the best way. This line is made up of lovely, well-appointed pieces. From checked sports bras to colour-blocked skorts, each piece is as functional as it is stylish. There are also undeniably soft and comfy basics, such as their compressing leggings and seamless sports bras. 

  1. SPLITS59

SPLITS59 will not disappoint you, whether you’re looking for vintage-inspired workout zips or elevated leggings. This Los Angeles-based label offers everything from sporty retro kicks to luxe staples. They have a selection of camis, shorts, and leggings made with seriously soft tech flex fabric that moves with you and feels smooth against your skin. 

  1. Adidas

There have also been memorable collaborations from Gucci to Stella McCartney to Yeezy. As a result, it’s no surprise that the brand makes a list. They’ve been around for decades, but they’ve also updated their product lines to include comfortable yoga-centric leggings, crops, and bodysuits. You may not be familiar with their dynamic sportswear label.    

  1. Year of Ours

Year of Ours is a female activewear brand that creates high-quality workout wear. The Los Angeles-based lifestyle offers eye-catching silhouettes with edgy designs that you won’t find at standard activewear stores. This brand unusually combines support and style. They also carry a variety of sizes ranging from XS to 2X, as well as a variety of fabric and cut options to suit everyone. So, try these super-soft and ultra-flattering workout essentials if you’re looking to replace your old gym tee.

  1. Nike

Nike is an all-encompassing, no-frills option as one of the world’s premier sportswear brands. It’s the kind of brand you know will last for long distances. Whatever your sport-centred need, Nike will bestow. 

  1. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voice is a well-known brand that focuses on recreationists and accessible performance. They concentrate on making pieces that move with you, regardless of the activity. As a result, OV is a solid choice. Their approachable sportswear can transition from a midday errand-running uniform to an ideal get-up for even the most sweaty workouts. They have many lounge-friendly options like their flouncy Exercise Dress and compressing fabrics. 

  1. FP Movement

They have everything from women’s aesthetic dresses to workout jumpsuits and unitards. The Free People offshoot offers everything from hiking and camping gear to surf suits, making it a one-stop shop for various activities. Whether you’re going to the dance studio or the slopes. This brand’s contemporary and bohemian-inspired clothing line still has that cool-girl edge. With that said, FP Movement is your holy grail if you’re on the prowl for some beyond-the-gym staples. 

  1. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a comprehensive London-based brand with fun patterns and sleek colourways that support the bodies that wear them. Their collections include functional but fashionable items such as strappy workout tanks. These pieces are both technical and beautiful. If you’re unfamiliar with their athleticwear, a first purchase will ensure buttery-soft fabrics made from responsibly sourced materials. It’s no surprise that this trendy sportswear brand sells a pair of Power Leggings every 60 seconds. Please read our Women’s Aesthetic Dresses.

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