GE Digital Accelerator Tools to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Energy subject matter expertise and best practices from GE Digital’s engineers and technology partners are incorporated into advanced digital processes and product designs. Without requiring bespoke development, tools may shorten the time it takes to exploit predictive analytics, asset health and reliability procedures, asset strategy optimization, and change management workflows.

Accelerator Tools to Accelerate Digital Transformation

GE Digital unveiled its new Accelerator product line, which includes best-in-class software solutions to assist customers in asset-intensive energy industries in swiftly configuring its Asset Performance Management (APM) and other services. GE Digital Accelerators are intended to accelerate time to value, extend APM to a broader variety of assets, and assist organizations in gaining financial benefit at both their facilities and throughout the enterprise.

The initial set of Accelerators from GE Digital comprises a large library of predictive analytics, asset management methodologies, and standard health and reliability practices. These may be used to the whole energy value chain, from oil and gas to power generation — from renewables like wind and solar to more traditional assets like gas power and nuclear production.

Companies may rapidly build up enterprise-level asset reliability and performance programs using advanced pre-built product configurations, incorporating prioritized actionable information into everyday operations. They are also intended to scale the power of APM through the use of health monitors, analytics, asset maintenance techniques, and business process workflows. Accelerators are developed and constructed by GE Digital’s inventive architects, engineers, and technology partners using energy sector experience and best practices.

“The energy sector is rapidly evolving, and businesses must deploy and acquire insights from software at faster than ever before,” said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Digital’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas division. “Important are digital tools and automation.” The Accelerator portfolio was created to speed up the creation, configuration, and optimization of APM. Asset Strategy Accelerators, for example, may save thousands of hours spent establishing equipment strategies and procedures in the oil and gas business.”

For decades, energy firms have employed asset management strategies on the most vital equipment to ensure high availability to satisfy the expectations of their consumers. Because of the rising complexity and scale of industrial facilities, as well as the requirement for market flexibility, asset performance methods must be applied to a far broader range of equipment, utilizing increasingly modern digital technology. Accelerators will assist energy businesses in expanding asset management operations without wasting time and resources on bespoke setups and health monitoring approaches.

Asset Strategy Accelerators

It is built on the foundation of APM Strategy, a fundamental solution in GE Digital’s APM software package, target industrial assets spanning a wide spectrum of criticality in power generators, oil and gas producers, and mining firms. Balance of Plant (BoP) asset strategies encompass a variety of supporting and auxiliary energy producing equipment such as rotational, mechanical, electrical, safety, and control equipment. This enhanced Accelerator library enables businesses to expand methods in maintenance and dependability programs to include additional equipment. Asset Strategy Accelerators are imported into the APM database and used in applications such as Failure Modes, Effects Analysis, and Asset Management.

GE Digital has collaborated with Stork to provide their Asset Strategy Library (ASL), which provides a collection of pre-defined strategy templates for known failure modes and recommended mitigation activities for a wide range of asset categories, including Balance of Plant (BoP).

Standard Health & Reliability Processes

Health & Reliability Accelerators are intended to create a comprehensive picture of an asset’s entire health. These Accelerators dig through multiple data sources in APM to uncover important problems and other concerns, leveraging deep domain experience and APM Health solution intelligence. The data is consumed by the policy engine, which calculates the asset’s overall health score to identify and prioritize the assets that require the greatest care.

Pre-built templates are provided to establish data structures and connections for relevant queries, sensor anomaly analyses, health indicators for a single measure of asset health, rules integrating alerts/alarms logic, formulae, and coding, as well as suggestions and actions. This saves critical learning time by utilizing the power of APM to make better decisions sooner. Deeper insights enable firms to prioritize maintenance activities and grow APM throughout the company, resulting in improved asset dependability.

“Deploying accelerators may help businesses achieve business goals faster,” Rae stated. “We will continue to expand the Accelerator collection to include new assets, processes, and workflows, such as root cause analysis, carbon reduction, and energy transition enablers.”

GE Digital

GE Digital uses industrial data to help our clients solve their most difficult problems. With industrial software that provides revolutionary business outcomes, our objective is to offer simplicity, speed, and scalability to digital transformation efforts. The product portfolio of GE Digital, which includes grid optimization and analytics, asset and operations performance management, and manufacturing operations and automation, assists industrial companies in the utility, power generation, oil and gas, aviation, and manufacturing sectors in changing the way industry works. GE also manufactures turbine control systems. Turbine control systems monitors excessive fuel emissions, fuel control, and vibration monitoring. Turbine control system parts include IS200EISBH1A, IS200ERBPG1A, etc.

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