GAC All New GS8: Best 3rd Row SUV for Families

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. has been making notable advances in its innovative car designs since 1997. GAC remains relevant in the car market industry by incorporating current technology and slick designs to ensure the peak performance of its vehicle.

GAC motors offer a wide library of unique and classic rides perfect for various occasions, uses, and terrains. Among the horde is a select range of 3rd-row SUVs for families. GAC MOTOR makes an effort to construct vehicles that correspond to consumer interest; as a result, they are frequently built with well-liked modifications and option packages.

Some options or option packages might not be accessible in all areas of the globe. Please contact your nearby GAC MOTOR dealers for additional information on the accessible choices or option packages, like setups, service, spares, and accessories. Matching comfort, space, luxury, and optimal performance in a car requires a blend of ingenuity and design. The 3rd Row SUV All New GS8 embellishes all these characteristics housed in a slick design.

Interior design

Its cabin can comfortably accommodate seven people with enough leg room, especially for long distances. It is equipped with leather seats that are diamond woven for extra comfort and aesthetic appeal. The driver’s seat comes with various power-controlled functions, i.e., retractable electric cushion, driver seat memory, and electric angle adjustment for extra comfort.

The GS8’s cabin design directly results from the meticulous attention to detail that went into it. It features a clean dash readout with all knobs and buttons within easy reach. The layout is tidy and well-designed.

The hard plastic is used sparingly, but the trim materials—including the faux wood inlay on the dashboard—are of a high caliber. A relatively large, upright glasshouse guarantees good vision in all directions. You now have no justification for ever cutting, of course.


The All New GS8’s 2.0T GDI engine generates a max torque (Nm/rpm) of 400 / 1750~4000, proving it’s a real powerhouse while on the move. It has a max output of 248 / 5250 (Hp/rpm) produced by its 1991 cc.

A smooth-shifting, six-speed automatic transmission that is well-calibrated in its shifting points transmits power to all four wheels. These might not be world-breaking numbers, but it handles quite smoothly on the road and perfectly suits this type of vehicle.


The GAC All New GS8 has an entirely new exterior created with a new stylish language, delivering a more hi-tech, refined, and precise appearance. From any viewpoint, the clearly defined proportions and squared-off design provide the impression of magnificence.

A parametric grille (Victory Wings) has replaced the previous front grille giving it a much more defined square look that seamlessly matches the rest of the body.

The “Eyes of Conquest” headlights, which have a quad matrix architecture, retractable covers, and incorporated LED lights, are immediately recognized and offer a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the previous model.

The “Ruby Lights” taillight has geometric designs like diamonds, giving it a distinctively stunning lighting appearance. It also features clean, taut surfaces emphasizing volume, precision, and clearly defined crisp lines.


The All New GS8 proves that GAC MOTOR are maturing as a credible carmaker capable of competing with established brands. People with big families might find the All New GS8 as a do-or-die purchase that might change their uncomfortable journeys to smooth, fun, and comfortable traveling.

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