From Where I Can Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Pakistan?

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best quality oils around the world as well as the most expensive oil but it is worth every penny. It has the best flavor out of fresh olives serving your taste buds with wondrous flavor.

People are usually now scared of consuming and adding up the use of oils to their meals because of the disadvantages oils possess, especially the presence of bad fats in oils. But surprisingly there exists an oil that is the purest and is full of the healthiest fats in the world and that is extra virgin olive oil.

It is the most real thing and the most trustworthy oil you can consume and add to your everyday diet but unfortunately, there are certain companies who are supplying non-virgin olive oil but label it with “extra-virgin” and selling it which is completely wrong is happening.

Also many fake olive oil scandals happened in last few years and in recent years as well. Apart from this, there are some companies who are cutting off their product “extra virgin olive oil” and replacing it with much cheaper oils like soya bean oil and sunflower oil, etc.

All these problems have now made it hard for the general public to decide where and how can they buy extra virgin olive oil and which extra virgin olive oil can be the real one.

Always remember that real extra virgin olive oil has some properties that make it different from other cooking oils. One of these qualities is that it should be hundred percent pure and extracted directly from olives.

Also, the extraction from olives is not done by simple means but through mechanical ways like centrifuge. Another quality is that extra virgin olive oil has no chemicals or additives in it.

In the bottles of extra virgin olive oil there should be no other thing added up in it. Be careful while buying it.

There are different companies around the world that are offering extra virgin olive oil in different shapes and sizes supplying it to different shops and marts.

There are some brands that are offering the best extra virgin olive oil and you can buy these from different malls in your city or order them online from trustee sites. Below are some brands that you can trust upon and buy your extra virgin olive oil from.

California Olive Ranch is one of these brands containing in its bottle the extract of freshly pressed olives from California. It is a high quality brand with certification from COOC.

Burroughs family farm is another brand that has certification from COOC (California Olive Oil Council) as well. They make different kinds of oil using different kinds of olives and all of them are totally pure with the best flavor entering your taste buds.

Another brand from Southern Italy is Mr. Organic. Adding up to your information this brand belongs to the region that is well-known for the amount of olive oil farms there so there is no doubt in the fact that they are producing extra virgin olive oil out of the purest olives available using traditional ways.

Zoe brand also provides good quality extra virgin olive oil from Cornicabra olives and selling it at reasonable price around the world that is available online at different shopping sites as well.

Are you the one who has some heart health issues? Then this article for those who want to improve their diet to lead a healthy life. This article will highlight the importance of the Mediterranean diet and how extra olive oil consumption can help you achieve your dream of a healthy heart.

The Mediterranean diet is famous for its health benefits. It includes veggies, fruits, fish and olive oil, which help improve brain functions, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and improved brain functions.

People who live in the Mediterranean sea are habitual of using olive oil in their daily consumptions, but all over the world, people not only use olive oil such as in the USA. People love to use butter, margarine, soybean and canola oil in their diet.

 Health researchers are more concerned about the use of Extra olive oil in their diet. One of the new studies shows that Americans are now changing their habits and replacing a mere five grams of margarine, butter or mayonnaise with the same amount of olive oil, which reduces the 7%lower risk of coronary disease.

extra virgin olive

People who are consuming more than 5 grams of butter, which is around ½ tablespoons a day, will decrease the 15% ratio of cardiovascular decrease and reduce the 21%lower risk of coronary artery disease. It did not appear to have any impact on stroke risk.

Replace .don’t add:

The consumption of olive oil daily is good, but according to Dr. Frank Hu. He chairs the nutrition department at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health said that it is not fixed that olive oil is compulsory to consume daily; substitutions are what matter daily essential here.

 According to him, the important thing is to replace the unhealthy fat from your diet with olive oil, which is quite beneficial in improving cholesterol, leading the person towards a healthy life and protecting from cardiovascular health.

Another critical study is conducted by researchers on 7000 people who show that people following the Mediterranean diet and extra virgin olive oil had a 30% lower risk of suffering from heart-related issues.

Some other studies show that Extra virgin olive oil offers protection against LDL and improves HDL (right cholesterol level). Extra Virgin olive oil has a high percentage of monounsaturated fat. It appears that people who consume olive oil daily have less oxidation of LDL cholesterol and a high level of anti-oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and a high level of anti-oxidant compounds, specifically Phenols, in the blood. Extra virgin olive oil contains high-level anti-oxidants and Vitamin E because it is unprocessed.

extra virgin olive oil in your cooking habit

 Olive oil intake also produces the thrombogenic profile’s homeostasis, which also improved coagulation factors and biomarkers related to platelet aggregation. Not only that, but its phenolic fatty olive oil intake also improved the postprandial prothrombotic state.

 Type 2 diabetes includes chronic and uncontrolled hyperglycemia, which is the severe cause of nerves and blood vessels. The ATTICA study shows that consuming a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olives reduces these symptoms and improves cardiovascular risk. It also diminishes the risk of future diabetes.

Role of Vitamin oil in protecting health:

 Atherosclerosis is the plaque that blocks arteries and heart attacks, and strokes. LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol is partially responsible for blockage of artery walls. People consume antioxidant-rich food daily such as fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts for heart disease and cancer. Some studies show that Vitamin E performs the same function, but some studies show that this is not true.

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who are consuming Vitamin E daily were less likely to get cardiovascular disease signs. They looked at the ultrasound evidence of thickening in the carotid arteries. The participants of this study are from Southern Italy. For a study, they go Vitamin E from legumes, vegetables and olive oil.

Add extra virgin olive oil in your cooking habit:

People are concerned that olive oil produces smoke when they come into heat exposure and release harmful compound presented by the 2018 Australian study. According to this study, Extra Virgin Olive oil was considered more chemically stable and able to handle high temperatures than other common cooking oils available in the market.

Another essential fact about Extra Virgin Olive oil is that it produced the lowest levels of Trans fats compared o other oil-producing a high level of Trans fat, coconut oil gets the second position in it.

Canola olive oil is the favourite of Pakistani people and was considered harmful when getting heat than Extra Virgin olive oil.

There are many ways to consume olive oil, either it is extra virgin or not. Olive oil is best for salad dressing. Vinaigrettes Pesto is also made from olive oil, and it can also best be used to roast vegetables, salmon and other foods.

Thus, these are facts about olive oil show that, instead of using butter on bread and dip, use olive oil for dressing .this will automatically bring significant change in your heart health and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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