Frequently asked questions from an airport transfer service

We all know that an airport transfer service takes you from the airport to your destination. It is a reliable and trusted service that provides you with a lot of benefits both when you have landed at the airport as well as when you are staying in the new place. There are a lot of things that come to our mind about Houston airport shuttle when we want to rent them. this post will help you get answers to all those frequently asked questions.

  • How early should you book the car?

As soon as you get to know that you have to fly, you should book your car because although there are a lot of cars available in the airport transfer service, still there can be other bookings or the desired car might be unavailable at the last minute.

  • How long can the driver go?

If you are booking an airport transfer vehicle, it will take you to any of the airports in that area. But if you want to go somewhere else as well, you would better tell them in advance and ask them beforehand whether they would be giving you that service or not.

  • How would you be charging?

Some services commonly charge people for the vehicle but there are some of those too, that charge you per person. So the best idea is to ask for everything in advance before you book the service for a specific date.

  • How many passengers do you take in one car?

Depending upon the capacity of the car, and the number of people assigned to it. if you are in a sedan, the number would be according to that but for the minivans, minibuses, and large buses, the number of people increases.

  • What type of vehicles can you find here?

There is a good variety of all kinds of luxury and comfortable vehicles found in the airport transfer service. You can book any of your favorite ones and get them to take you to your destination.

  • Do these services charge for the waiting time as well?

The first five minutes to the time that was decided in the deal, are free. But after that time, the waiting time is charged for the extra amount. This is a typical case for most the companies but the rules might vary for others.

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