French Lotto Jackpot and Prizes – Chances of winning French Lottery

france lotto also known as “Loto,” is a national lottery operated through the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ). It is one of the oldest lotteries in the world and the first draw occurring in the year 1976. The French Lotto lottery has more than 20 million loyal supporters across the nation. In addition new players from around the globe are searching for ways to participate in French Lotto online on a every day basis.

It is the French Lotto is drawn three times each week each week at 8.35 p.m. the local time of Paris on Wednesdays, Mondays and Saturdays.

The French Lotto, named Loto,” is the country’s second-most popular lottery. The EuroMillions lottery across Europe is the most popular lottery among French players. In comparison with French Lotto, this lottery offers higher jackpots and significantly more lucrative winners. Find out more information about the game of EuroMillions on the internet on LottoPark through this link.

French Lotto – how to play?

The original variant that is the traditional version of French Lotto is available in France. The player may visit an office for lottery in the local area and buy a lottery ticket for the upcoming or a number of draw of the national lottery.

For the game of French Lotto, you must select five numbers between 1 to 49 and also one additional number between 1 and 10. An “Quick Select” tool is a way to select lucky numbers in a manual manner or completely randomly.

French Lotto online at LottoPark

Play French Lotto online on our website at any time! We provide French Lottery tickets for the next draw. After you have registered on LottoPark you can choose your lucky numbers , or make use of our “Quick Pick” tool. Pay for your tickets and then wait until the drawing.

On LottoPark you can quickly look up the most recent French Lotto results and winning numbers on our website. There is also a massive archive of lottery results that includes the previous French Lotto results. You can design your own strategies to play in the Loto on the Lotto in France using all the information from previous.

Prizes and jackpots from the French Lotto.

The jackpots and prizes in Lotto French Lotto are not the biggest in Europe However, it is always worth the effort. The initial jackpot starts at EUR 2,000,000, but it could increase in case no winners win this French Lotto jackpot. The rollovers are not unlimited as the jackpot can be repeated 34 times. The biggest French Lotto jackpot can reach EUR 36,000,000.

If there is no winner of the biggest prize on the French Lotto after 34 rollovers the jackpot will be divided between all winners lucky enough to be part from the second prize tier in French Lotto prizes.

In addition to winning the prize, French Lotto has eight different prizes. One matching number combination of numbers is needed to win the least prize. The chances for winning in the ninth level of prizes is 1 out of 18.

If you are playing French Lotto offline, you will have 60 days to claim your prize.

French Lotto prizes are tax-free However, if a winner is not from France the winner should research taxes in the state which he is residing.

The table below provides all the details about French Lotto prizes, tiers and the odds of winning. As you can see, the odds of winning French Lotto are much higher than EuroMillions and other lottery games offering big jackpots. If you’re looking for greater odds of winning French Lotto is a good alternative.

France Lotto The most expensive winning prizes in history

As we have stated previously the biggest jackpot could exceed EUR 36 million, however this isn’t the case for the French Lotto jackpot has never been this high.

After 13 rollovers the largest jackpot of EUR 26 million was minted during September of 2021. One lucky participant was able to match all of the base numbers that included 3, 5 15 33, 49 as well as the bonus number 8.

On June 11, 2011, the second largest French Lotto jackpot of EUR 24 million was won. All the numbers: 10, 13 22 30, 45, as well as one bonus numbers were all matched by one player.

On May 14, 2014, the 3rd largest French Lotto jackpot of EUR 23 million was won. A single person also won the prize by having all the basic numbers: 8, 9 40 41, 49 and the bonus number 3.

French Lotto fun facts

This French Lotto jackpot was won twice by a lucky player. The player is from Montpellier is a player of French Lotto with the same number of numbers was his since! The first big win was in 1996 when he was awarded EUR 2,800,000. The same thing happened in 2011. due to luck and a certain number of winning numbers. The prize of this week’s French Lotto this week was EUR 3,000,000.

The sports and sports-related charities are funded with the help of The French Lotto. The price of tickets includes a percentage that goes to charities and social programs.

In addition to a daily draw and regular cash prizes French Lotto also offers the raffle game, which has 10 prizes worth EUR 200.000 each. Each French Lotto participant is immediately added to the raffle’s extra draw.

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