Five chemistry principles that we see in daily life.

Most of us are oblivious to some fantastic chemical phenomena that happen around us on an everyday basis. While we tend to perceive everyday natural phenomena superficially. Whereas, there are scientific explanations behind each one of them. Everything is the product of science, from rain to lighting and even your smart devices. Some are natural results whereas others are man-made. Myriad experiences and phenomena are due to mere chemical reactions and principles. But we may have just ignored them. You can learn about some exciting chemistry principles and more about this discipline on Creation Crate. This is an online teaching & learning platform from where you can get hold of many such courses from the Science field. They offer these learning opportunities at very reasonable prices. You can use Creation Crate deals to apply discounts on your bought courses. 

Here are five chemistry principles that we see happening on a daily basis:

  1. Tears while chopping Onions.

Teary eyes while chopping an onion is familiar to everyone’s cooking experience. Today, the internet is filled with tricks and tips to avoid bawling eyes. But have we ever tried to look for the reason behind it? Many may think that tears while chopping an onion is just a weird phenomenon. But there is actual science behind it. Onions have a defence system that shields them from starving animals. They expel a compound known as Propanethial S-oxide. This compound is a Lachrymatory agent, causing tears when it touches the eyes.  Propanethial S-oxide compound gets produced when certain enzymes and sulfenic acid get expelled through the broken skin of the onion. This chemical is just an irritant with no severe complications in the eye. This chemical will also react differently with it. While some may remain unscathed with it, others end up in a puddle of tears which also has a scientific explanation. Lachrymal glands, which release the watery fluid that protects and moisturises our eyes, are sometimes more sensitive in some people. 

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  1. Love and emotions

“Love is a chemical reaction.” We might have heard this a lot from various sources. Many of us might have thought it to be just a bogus claim. But in reality, it is not. Scientists have now worked out the science behind the feeling that drives our lives. The answer is simpler than we may imagine. For many, love is a matter of the heart. But as it turns out by the research, it is all in the brain. All the signs, as it is popularly called, like palms sweating and heart racing, are by your brain cells and some chemicals in your body. Chemicals in the form of hormones are responsible for emotions and feelings. Hormones like Testosterone, oestrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin. All these are responsible for the emotions we show/feel toward our partners and friends. These chemicals are also called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are majorly accountable for how we feel during the day. Serotonin, ‘the feel-good hormone, is a chemical in our brain that enables us to feel happy. Oxytocin has another name “the love hormone”. It is due to the fact that the release of this hormone is observed when one feels a physical or emotional attachment.  

  1. Makeup and personal care products

Makeup and several personal care products have a dependence on chemistry. It may be shocking for many that the soap dishwasher and your facewash have the same chemical compound. Surfactants are often used in cleansing products to make the molecules slipperier. Thus, enabling the molecules to interact with oil and grease more and not stick among themselves. Surfactants are used in various other products like detergents, lubricants, inks, Herbicides, adhesives, emulsifiers, and fabric softeners. Even the human body produces surfactants in the lungs. They aid the breathing process by clearing the airways. It usually happens at the most cellular level. Sunscreen is potent protection from harsh UV rays. The recent trend in the popularity of sunscreen is because of this very reason. But why not just a moisturiser? Sunscreen contains different inorganic chemicals which physically block UV rays. It also contains organic chemicals like avobenzone, oxybenzone, and TiO2. These chemical molecules absorb Uv rays, thus giving full-fledged overall protection to the skin.

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  1. Food digestion

Everyone has studied human anatomy in school. The wonder of the human body is how efficiently it works everything out. The digestive system is the most efficient. A large part of the digestive process is all about several chemical reactions back to back, also called chemical digestion. The food gets digested with the aid of Digestive enzymes. These help in breaking the food into nutrients which is then easily absorbed by the human body. Every time one eats something, the digestive tract goes through various chemical reactions with the aid of these chemical enzymes. They break the food particles and the chemical bond between them. Chemical digestion inside our body is the most intimate and complex level of chemistry happening daily. 

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  1. Handwash & soaps  

Covid 19 has made personal hygiene and sanitation necessary for people. We use hand washes and soaps daily for various hygienic and cleaning purposes. From washing hands to cleaning your face, these are a part of a sanitization routine. But how does just a drop of hand wash or a solid bar of soap clean all the dirt and germs off? The answer to this we have studied in schools. Soaps have fatty acids of sodium & potassium. These fatty acids act as emulsifying agents, which then clean your hands. 

These were some very basic everyday phenomena that reflect the basic principles of the discipline of chemistry. Such everyday examples are the best techniques to understand scientific concepts. The learning platform of Creation Crate also uses such layman techniques to offer an easy understanding of the learning material. You can buy your preferred course at reasonable prices using the Creation Crate discount codes.

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