Features and uses of Stainless-Steel Lab Tables

Our Stainless-Steel Table is made with heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and includes channels that run around the perimeter of the table to reduce sound and prevent drooping of the tabletop.

Features of our Stainless-Steel Table

  • It includes an adjustable shelf and it includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • It is built of 18-gauge stainless steel and it made with high corrosion-resistant feet & galvanized legs
  • It is reinforced with welded channels to maintain a level work surface & deaden sound

Our high-quality Stainless-Steel Lab Table can be used in labs and other healthcare amenities as a multipurpose to hold instruments, make anesthesia arrangements, or use it as a versatile table. With its modern, business look, the table can be used in any environment. Not only is the Stainless-Steel Table appealingly pleasing, but it also resists rust, and fingerprints, and can be simply sanitized to promote infection control & keep the environment very hygienic. Made with spacious diameter legs with impact-resistant feet, the Stainless-Steel Table remains level for stability.

The sound-dampening channels measure apiece and deliver reinforcement for strength. Our lab furniture is self-sufficiently tested and certified to meet quality, ecological, and safety guidelines. All furniture is submissive to public health standards set by the Public Health and Safety Organization for the best environmentally sound manufacture & design.

The Stainless-Steel Table is also called laboratory tables and these tables are used by hospitals, schools, chemical plants, scientific research organizations, and other enterprises for experimental operation & placement of experimental instruments. According to the location position, they can be classified into the central table, side table, and corner table. According to the material, they can be classified as steel laboratory Stainless Steel Table, PP laboratory Stainless Steel Table, steel-wood laboratory Stainless Steel Table, and stainless-steel lab bench. Lab tables and lab cabinets are the basic products of lab furniture.

The Stainless-Steel Table lab benches are modular in design as the base cabinets are welded & pre-assembled, benchtops are pre-processed, and they only need a simple installation. The drawing will be shared & confirmed before production. Production & installation will be done according to the drawing.

Guidance on the stainless steel tables:

A detailed installation manual & video will be provided for guidance. These steel tables are an outstanding addition to any work or any preparation area that requires mobility. Each table casters and brakes, making it easy to move them around your lab anywhere very easily. All the models also include a lower shelf for additional versatility. For tables that can be simply cleaned, stainless steel tables with round legs are usually utilized in lab areas, operating rooms, clean room surroundings, or any other areas requiring cleanliness or purification. Table tops can be of type 304 or 316 stainless steel & they are reinforced.

The diameter legs have bullet-style levelling feet & cross-rails with a good zinc-coated brass bracing connector. Lab table frames with stainless steel tops with end panels contain adjustable height options, or fixed height options and high as each includes adjustable floor glides for precise levelling and movability. Stainless steel surface depths are of many choices of table lengths and all the frames are painted to match your colour choice of either White, Ivory, or Soft Gray. These modern Stainless-Steel tables are ergonomically designed & constructed of heavy gauge steel with electrostatically applied dust coat paint and the table frames are rated with a 1500 lbs.

load capacity when consistently distributed. Table Frames comprise all necessary hardware for easy assembly & it is designed to accept your excellent chemical-resistant top. With the extensive expertise of being in similar manufacturing segments for numerous years since inception, we are manufacturing a huge selection of stainless-steel lab furniture. We use firm and excellent raw materials in the fabrication that adds to the constancy conditions of furniture accessories for a longer time. All the quality will be best and it can be used for many years as it will be greatly durable.

Want the best quality Stainless Steel Table?

Looking for a customized stainless-steel table for your lab? Do not worry as we can completely customize as you wish or modify any of the standard products to fit the exact dimensions or wants of your operation. If you are looking for any of the custom products, or if you just want a small twist to the size or design of any of these products, just give us a call and we will make the best stainless-steel table for you.

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