Facts about Breast Cancer

Facts about Breast Cancer. One of the leading types of cancer among women is breast cancer. Though very rare, some men also experience breast cancer.

Breast cancer forms in the breast tissue cells. For most women, the cause of breast cancer can be genetic, but there are also varied other causes for it. There has been advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. All the best cancer hospitals in India have highly trained health specialists to treat breast cancer.

There are certain misconceptions regarding breast cancer. Here, we shall discuss all the facts about breast cancer that we are not aware of.


Women must always look for symptoms of breast cancer. If they can detect one, they should visit their doctor immediately. Treatment for breast cancer in Delhi is one of the best in the country.

Some of the symptoms of breast cancer are:-

  • A breast lump. It could also be some form of thickening that feels unfamiliar to the other surrounding tissue.
  • A change or shift in the appearance, size, and shape of the breast.
  • If the skin tissue over the breast goes through some transformation.
  • If the nipple goes through a transformation. In most cases, it becomes inverted.
  • The pigmented skin surrounding the nipple goes through irritation, scaling, and peeling.
  • The skin over the breast turns red.

Facts about Breast Cancer:-

There is very little knowledge about breast cancer in the public domain. Though treatment for breast cancer in Delhi has reached new heights, people are still ignorant about the disease.

There are a lot of facts associated with breast cancer, about which people are unaware.

Following are a few such facts:-

  • Breast cancer occurs more commonly in the left breast than in the right:-

Research conducted by the Chicago Medical Association concluded that the chances of breast cancer in the left breast are more. Though in many cases the cancer was discovered in the right breast, the number is less.

The left breast has a chance of developing breast cancer at least by 5-10%

more than the right breast. Even for melanoma, the left side of the body has a 5% more chance of having it. The reason for this has not yet been discovered.

  • The risk of breast cancer increases due to late work shifts:-

Studies are in progress to find out the risk factors for breast cancer. The International Agency conducted one such study for Research on Cancer. The study focussed on women working night shifts for thirty years or more. These women are twice likely to develop breast cancer as others.

But, there is no reason for women to panic. No link has been established between higher breast cancer risk and the night work period of fewer than thirty years.

  • The majority of women survive breast cancer:-

There have been major advancements in medicine in the last decade. It has also brought progress in breast cancer treatment. Treatment for breast cancer in Delhi, for example, has progressed by leaps and bounds.

Breast cancer management in various domains has improved. Some of these domains are:-

  1. Surgery
  2. Radiation and chemotherapy
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Prevention

Death rates occurring from breast cancer have reduced significantly in developed countries. But, for low-income countries, the survival rate is lower than 40% among patients.

  • Men can also have breast cancer:-

It is a lesser-known fact, but men too can develop breast cancer. Men also have breast tissue, and it is possible to have breast cancer. But, the percentage of this occurring is very low. The risk of developing breast cancer in a man’s lifetime is one in one thousand.

The two reasons why the chances of breast cancer in men are less than in women are:-

  1. The breast duct cells are not as developed as in women.
  2. The level of female hormones is less in their body. These hormones influence the growth of breast cells.

Even in the rarest of cases, the men can visit any of the best cancer hospitals in India for their treatment.

  • The cause of breast cancer is not always genetic:-

It is a prevalent belief that only if you have a family history of breast cancer is you at risk of developing it. But, recent research has concluded that only 5-10% of breast cancer occurs due to genetics.

The vast majority of people with breast cancer may not have a family history. Several factors such as consumption of certain substances, lifestyle, and environment play a major role in developing breast cancer. Healthy breast cells can grow mutations over time, transforming into cancer cells.

Despite such occurrences, women with a history of breast cancer in their families must always be on guard.

Bottom Line:-

There have been improvements in the field of breast cancer treatment. For example, the best cancer hospital in India has the best doctors today.

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