Factors to consider when choosing a Fibre Provider in South Africa

Connectivity to the internet is an important factor to consider for most companies and even families.

For businesses, access to the internet is essential. It’s needed to conduct everyday operations, from processing credit cards to communicating with customers (via email, VOIP, etc.). Several types of companies simply cannot function without an internet connection.  This is because of the proliferation of social media platforms and businesses that broadcast videos online. When selecting an Internet service provider (ISP) for your business, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

At home, the internet is used for various activities such as entertainment and professional needs. You’ll need an ISP that will keep up with all your house hold’s lifestyle habits.

Reach and Penetration

The largest fibre network in SA continues to improve its reach, giving homes, schools, and business reliable access to the internet. Over 1.39 million homes have access to an FTTH connection in South Africa and over 453 000 of these homes have been connected. Fibre Providers in South Africa are now also moving into townships and rural areas, giving the market a better alternative that they can opt for. In embracing a digital future that connects

people to the world, the largest fibre network in SA has helped connect over 600 schools with a free 1 Gbps fibre.


When it comes to speed it all depends on your business type. Small businesses that have 1-10 people may require less speed and rely heavily on reliability, medium businesses dependent on the nature may need faster speeds to accommodate their business functions, whereas larger organizations that utilise tech heavy applications need high speeds so that their operations never go offline. The best Fibre Provider in South Africa offers unbeatable speeds of up to 200Mbps, fast enough to stream 4K conference videos, download large files, and do anything else you can think of online.


If you want to use a certain Internet service provider (ISP), the company’s combination of speed and cost has to be just right. For instance, if you operate a small company out of your house, it will not make sense for you to pay thousands of rands every month to a Fibre Provider in South Africa. This would be an unnecessary expense. However, a small firm that now has 25 workers, would find it necessary to do so because they would need a connection that can support the entire company. An ideal Fibre Provider in South Africa will offer you tailor made packages to suit your business. A small business of 1-10 people could get by with a 30Mbps package medium sized business could do with 50Mbps where large businesses could use 100Mbps purely based on the business functions required.

So, investing in a dedicated Fibre Provider in South Africa would be an obvious choice. You need to consider the pros and cons of the situation, just as you would with any other business decision.

Connection kind

The kind of connection you acquire significantly impacts how swiftly the Internet “feels.” Even if satellite internet download speeds are adequate, it has a reputation for being “slow”. It goes up to 25Mbps whereas fibre can go up to 200Mbps. A satellite in orbit communicates with a network center in order to pinpoint the target location in which data needs to be captured. The orbiting satellite then broadcasts the data back to you.

This action takes almost 500 milliseconds, but there’s still more time that needs to be added because at this point the data hasn’t reached its intended destination. We need to add more time for when it reaches the server and when it moves from the server to the client/ data receiver. Comparatively, 4G-LTE transmissions have a delay of around 100 milliseconds, a 400-millisecond difference from a satellite internet. These speeds are accessible to everyone a good Fibre Provider in South Africa can provide you with this speed.


Reliability may be the most crucial factor, especially for business customers. It is inconvenient and ineffective to have an intermittent Internet service. Consider an ISP that offers a Service Level Agreement if you operate in an industry where internet interruptions are unacceptable (SLA). SLAs are service agreements that specify the degree of connection dependability that is anticipated.

Customer service and dependability go hand in hand. Despite the strength of the connection, ultimately something will go wrong. Eventually, there will likely be issues, whether they are caused by old technology or a physically broken wire. An indicator of excellent customer service is how soon they can help you get back online. Most businesses cannot wait several days for the delivery of new equipment. A competent service provider is aware of the customer’s elevated service standards.

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