Enhance your Home Decor with Accent Chairs

No matter how luxurious and expensive hotel rooms are, you will always find comfort at your home. This is because home is where your heart, body, mind, and soul belong to. So it’s obvious you’d want to beautify your home and add essentials as well as luxurious items that serve your needs and desires. Decorate your homes with well-furnished furniture and antique items, add solid colors on the walls, etc. 

Another thing you can add to your living space is Accent chairs. Accent chairs can give your room a stylish look or even fill the empty space. You can add a couple of them as it not only consumes the space but also provides you an extra place to sit. So, if you want accent chairs in your room but are confused about how to get started, keep reading.

Getting Started With Accent Chairs 

Modern Accent chairs in a living area definitely draw attention, but you can also place them in other rooms. It just adds a dash of style and personality and also adds a pop of color to the room. But if you are still confused about where and how to locate them, this article will help you find the right place.

1. Placement Of Chairs: The first and most important thing you should consider is the area space of the room. You should have enough space to place accent chairs. One should place their accent chair so that it stands out in a room full of other living room chairs. Place it where it will be highlighted and add some drama to the room. You can also place them in other rooms such as the bedroom, library, and even kitchen if the style of the room permits. 

2. Type Of Chair: You should also consider the type of chair you will put up in a particular area. It all depends upon the room’s vibe, style, and color that will help the accent chair to pop out. If your area space is styled traditionally, you better go for high-cushioned accent chairs. But if your room is of modern style with neutral colors, you can go for low-cushioned accent chairs. A normal accent chair will do if you want to add one to your bedroom or library. 

3. Contrast To The Decors: You must also consider the contrast of the accent chairs to the decors so that the chair pops up. They don’t really have to match the colors of your room. However, if the sofas are of nude colors, you may get chairs of bright colors or patterns to make them stand out. Likewise, if the color of the walls is bright and vibrant, you should go with the neutral color of the chair. This contrast to the existing decor will only make the chair noticeable.

4. Evaluate The Functionality: For what accent chairs will be used? If you want accent chairs that you can sink yourself into while reading a book, you should get a comfortable chair. If you want a flexible chair that you can move around in the house, you should get accent chairs on castors. The wheels or castors will help you move chairs from one room to another. But, if you want accent chairs just for style statements, try a chair in a unique modern style. 

5. Measure For Size: One of the most common mistakes people make is to ignore measuring the space when you add accent chairs. Make sure there is plenty of space available in the room before you go for the chair placement. The accent chair must fit well in your room without making it look tacky or congested. Neither should the placement be such that there’s additional space left behind, making it look empty. Also, consider things that are similar in proportion and scale to the rest of the furniture in the room. 

6. Choose The Style That Matches Your Personality: Choose an accent chair that can add more value to the value of your home. Plenty of accent chairs for the living room are available in the market. Wing armchairs, barrel-shaped, tufted classical chairs, and modern bucket chairs are all lovely choices. Choose the style that reflects your personality and speaks your heart. So you must consider accent chairs as an investment and prepare yourself to get a unique one that can accentuate your home decor. 

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Ideas For Accent Chairs

Now that you know how to get started with accent chairs, here are a few suggestions to help spark your imagination. 

Yellow Pizazz

Vibrant and sunny, cheerful yellow chairs add much-needed brightness to the room, colored in white or gray. Both the bucket chair and simple chair can light up the room. You can also match the chair’s color with a photo frame or a pendant lamp, adding vivid contrast to the room.

Soothing Blue

The blue accent chairs feel very soothing and give wonderful contrast to beige or white and brown undertones in the room. You may match the color of the chair with the underfoot carpet. The quieter shade of blue color of the chair and carpet can offer a very calming effect in the room. 

Cozy Reading Chair

If you are a reader, you’d definitely love the cozy chair in front of the window. Accent chair that is detailed with a fine vintage look, where you can sink yourself, can do magic. You can lose yourself in the pages while getting all comfy. 

Pattern Chair 

Get an accent chair that will stand out to give your living space a more dramatic look. A dramatic, highly-patterned accent chair can do the magic and add more fun when the background is in a natural tone. You can also experiment with other wonderful designs that speak to your personality. 

Wrapping Up

Accent chairs are great for both comfort and styling. Express your imagination by carefully choosing accent furniture that will enhance the beauty of your home and impress your guests.

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