Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences Scope in Pakistan | Salary

Choosing a degree for further studies has always been tough for students. Every year numerous people opt for medicine, but many students want to pursue the nutrition field. But students are often worried if the field of Nutrition has any scope in Pakistan. The field of nutrition has been seen proliferating in Pakistan.

PhD Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences In Pakistan

The current scope of Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan in the public sector is average but the high scope is expected in near future. But if we talk about the private sector, the scope of DND is high and all DND doctors can easily get jobs in the private sector as compared to the public. 

The ratio of Doctors of Nutrition and Dietetics working in private sectors is more than the ratio of public sectors. While nowadays with the advancement of fast foods and junk foods, our digestive system is getting slower and we are involved in numerous nutrition and dietetics diseases which is turning us towards the DND doctors to get a proper diet plan with a healthy nutrition so that we can live a healthy lifestyle.

Scope of Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics DND

At present I do not see a good scope for a Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics in the public sector but in future it is expected that DND doctors will also be appointed in each hospital. But in private sector you can get jobs in various areas such as:

  • Private Practice as a Clinical Nutritionist
  • Food Researcher and Scientist
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Control Manager in Food Related Industries
  • Quality Assurance Officer in Food Processing plants
  • Fitness Consultant in Gyms & Five Star Hotels
  • Food Auditor in Hotels
  • Manager in Food Processing and Preservation Units
  • Food & Nutrition Adviser for Sport Teams
  • Department Related to Food Laws and Regulations
  • Food Inspector
  • Professor in Homeopathic and Herbal Colleges
  • Nutrition Adviser for Children & Pregnant Women
  • NGO

Let’s begin with taking a short overview of the different PhD HND jobs in Pakistan. Some of the most common opportunities that you will get after graduating with PhD HND in Pakistan are listed below:


After graduating with this major, most of the people tend to be nutritionists. Nutritionists are specialists in promoting a healthy lifestyle by using food and nutrition. This job has two sub-categories. 

The first is clinical nutritionists and the second is the community nutritionist. Most people after completing their bachelors in human nutrition and dietetics opt for clinical nutritionists. Some of the well-known nutritionists of Pakistan are Dr. Abdullah Jalil Baig and Ms. Angela Marie Sidiqua.


It is to be noted that the role of dieticians is different from that of nutritionists. After completing your undergraduate program, you can also opt to be a dietician. However, the scope of dieticians isn’t really high in Pakistan.

Food Service Administrators

Food Service Administrators are responsible for the food and meal preparation at their respective institute. They manage the food services and ensure the health and disease related factors of the meals being prepared. 

They also look after the functioning of the food mills, etc. and ensure the quality of the contents being prepared. Food service administrators usually work at institutes like schools, colleges, big offices, mills etc.

Weight Management Expertise

Nutritionists and Dieticians are often looking for weight management and healthy diet planning requirements. This is one of the most common PhD HND jobs in Pakistan.

Public Health Department

Nutritionists and Dieticians in Pakistan can also work in public health departments for the local health authorities or commissioners. They work for schools, workplaces or children’s centers.

International Organizations

After completing your PhD Human Nutrition and Dietetics program, you can become a part of the international organization such as UNICEF, WHO, UNDP and work to provide better quality food and ensure proper nutrients, that are required, are being delivered in the meals served to the people.

PhD Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences Salary in Pakistan

The salary varies depending on the job, specialization, experience, and skills. It also depends on which city an individual is practicing. However, the salary of a fresh graduate can start from 40,000-50,000 per month, but with the passage of time, it can rise up to 200,000 per month. Many other nutritionists start their practice. Read more here!

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