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The field of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences has been seen proliferating in Pakistan. Private and public sector hospitals and clinics are always on the lookout for professional nutritionists as nowadays; people are concerned about their health and overall diet.

The current scope of Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan’s public sector is average but the high scope is predicted in near future. But if we mention the private sector, the scope of HND is high and every one Nutritionist can easily get jobs within the private sector as compared to the general public . 

The ratio of Nutritionists is working in private sectors in more than the ratio of public sectors. While nowadays with the advancement of fast foods and junk foods, our gastrointestinal system is getting slower and we are involved in numerous nutrition and dietetics diseases which is turning us towards the Nutritionists to get a proper diet plan with a healthy nutrition so that we can live a healthy lifestyle.

Job Opportunities Nutrition in Pakistan

Job opportunities for Nutritionists in Pakistan are better than before. If a student is interested in nutrition or dietetics, the job market is expanding fast. You can find many positions available for nutritionists in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. There are also positions available with pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. There are a lot of job opportunities, let’s take a look at a few of these.  

Clinical Nutritionist 

Now you can always pursue your career working from a hospital or even establish your own clinic after giving and passing an official exam known as RD, here, which stands for Registered Dietitian. 

For those of you, who haven’t gotten a chance to do MBBS and always dreamt of a ”doctor” vibe can easily get the benefits from this profession. In Pakistan, the private sector has a greater number of opportunities for a dietitian but that tends to increase as well as in the public sector. 

Fitness Consultants 

This is another way of utilizing your degree. One can become a fitness expert and a consultant once they have cleared their specific degree. One can also open their own gym and fitness clinics.  As a person studying diet and nutrition is fully qualified in delivering the guidelines about the correct consumption of nutrients in your diet, they are automatically fit to guide you about your fitness queries. 

Quality Control Manager 

The job of a quality control manager can be understood by the people working in that line of work. They have a responsibility to meet all the standards of a certain product and make sure that it is of best quality according to the efficiency standards. 

They also work with customers and consumers to understand the mindset and develop strategies to meet the requirements of quality of products and to do inspection of everything in order to check and test products for defects etc.

Product Manager 

After completing their degree in food and nutrition, you can easily get hired by food industries and become a product manager. This, too, has a wide scope. 

Food researcher and Scientist 

If one is interested in research based work, they can always opt to become a food scientist. This is a great chance at learning and discovering new things in the industry which will benefit the whole world, once you succeed. 

There are a few universities in Pakistan that offer a Ph.D. degree in food and nutrition. With that in hand, you can always become a senior college professor in the field or even an expert dietitian. 

Food Inspector

Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences is a great field to be in Pakistan. Food inspectors check the hygiene of the food and products including the ingredients, location and types of utensil used in the manufacturing, processing, handling and storage of foods. 

This is a very tough job but this is directly linked to the government sector so if you succeed in that and gain an experience of 3 or more years, you can get a really good salary package.

NGO based Jobs 

You can work as a Nutritionist/Dietitian there and take control of the food intake and also the food quality consumed by the people. 

With a degree in food and nutrition, you can act as a Public Health Nutritionist in non governmental organizations and play your part in spreading some good in the world. 

Herbal and Homeopathic Fields

This is a very interesting field to hop into one you’re with your major degree and food and nutrition related subjects. 

Which University is Best for MPhil Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences in Pakistan

6 Universities are offering MPhil Food & Nutrition in Pakistan:

The University of Faisalabad

Government College University Faisalabad

Government College Women University Faisalabad

University of Agriculture Faisalabad

University of Sindh Jamshoro

University of Veterinary And Animal Sciences Lahore

University of Sargodha

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