I’ve had my dope snow jackets for about two months and used it for seven full days of snowboarding as of the time of this writing.

The quality of the jacket as a whole has left me quite pleased. Biggest deals available on dope snow cyber monday.

What, you aren’t sold on the puffer yet? This fall/winter of 2022, even downtown cool companies like Khaite are selling posh puffers with shiny trim. And to brighten up even the grayest of winter days, the newest chapter of the

The North Face x Gucci partnership features stunning outerwear pieces in poppy motifs and color-blocked shapes. Plus, Hill House Home has entered the realm of outerwear with its technical puffy coats, all of which have a distinct feminine aesthetic. Further, the bubble-shaped coat has a legion of devoted followers that includes everyone from Kate Middleton to Sarah Jessica Parker.

The trend has also been approved by the It crowd and street style icons, who have been seen layering up in timeless down coats and glitzy statement coats with all-over prints from Balenciaga and other designers.


In terms of construction, the dope snow jackets is on par with more costly coats from leading companies. Comparing the Dope Snow jacket to more costly options from The North Face and Eddie Bauer, I would say it is on par with the Eddie Bauer option and slightly below The North Face.


The jacket excels in all categories: it keeps you warm, it’s light, it’s not too thick, it moves with you, and it fits well.

Jacket weighs next to nothing, and its lightweight insulation provides exceptional warmth.


My height and weight are stated as 5’10” and 170″. The Dope Snow jackets I looked at had an oversized cut that made me want to get a medium, and it turned out to be the ideal size.

Dope snow jackets is great other from the fact that it is too short and too snug around my waist. There isn’t much of a crisis here; more of an irritation. It’s easy to go into a full squat position; I just need to pull the bottom of the jacket up a little.


This coat has seen me from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. In temps between 25 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit, I do OK with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.


Dope Snow came up with its own kind of Gore-Tex dubbed Drytech to combat the elements. The functionality seems to be same, with superb breathability and waterproofing.

This coat is 100% waterproof. For good measure, I put a cup of water on it to see how effectively it shed liquid, and to my delight, the inside remained dry.


Dope snow jackets has a great design. It was perfect for me, and I’ve had many praises on it. Extremely noticeable, and the “Dope” moniker comes out as gimmicky and juvenile. The brand’s recognition is skyrocketing rapidly.


I performed several penguin slides on the compacted snow to put the jacket to the test, and the outside cloth showed no evidence of scratching, ripping, or damage.


What separates Dope Snow jackets from the competition is their low pricing. You can get a high-quality jacket with all the bells and whistles from a premium brand for a steal of a price.

I paid $199.00 for a Dope snow jackets that looks and feels like it may be worth $300-$350. No other jackets in this price range offer the same combination of features and quality.

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  • Exquisitely crafted from just the finest elements
  • Well-made
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Pockets for storage
  • Medium-weight
  • Guaranteed Exchange or Money Back in the First 30 Days


  • Limiting, to say the least.
  • logo and brand name are very grating
  • Highly sought after


Dope snow jackets is a line of ski and snowboard jackets. The company sells cheap coats in many colors and designs. The coats are contemporary and current, making them stand out from The North Face and Columbia.

This year I needed a new snowboarding jacket after 20 years. The North Face and Eddie Bauer made my prior $300-$400 coats.


The apparel company Dope Snow is based in Sweden. The apparel brand Dope Snow was founded in 2008 by Ridestore AB.

Montec is a subsidiary of Ridestore AB. Maybe they’re really knockoffs of more expensive items made in China and renamed. Incorrect. There is no fake Dope Snow or Montec.


Montec and Dope Snow are owned by Ridestore AB, a Swedish corporation. New jacket cost $250.


You can stay nice and toasty this winter thanks to Dope Snow and Montec, who offer everything you could possibly need.

Here at, we’re big fans of fleece. If you wear it with a thick hat and gloves, you’ll wonder where the cold went.

Too far, the Pile Fleece Sweater has proven to be the warmest garment in our closet. You’ll stay toasty and comfortable thanks to its fleecy inner and fluffy, silky outside. This sweater might serve as a light outer layer on dry, warm days. It is attractive, comfortable, and available in lovely hues.


We recommend the Dope Adept to skiers looking for a versatile jacket that performs well in a wide range of circumstances.

It’s comfortable to wear, easy to move about in, and airy enough to keep you from becoming too hot.

First, I’d never heard of “Dope Snow.” I trust tried-and-true brands.


Dope Snow is a popular extreme sports apparel and equipment company, catering to snowboarders and skiers

Snowboarding enthusiasts of all stripes, from free riders and park rats to all-mountain shredders and weekend warriors, will find something to their liking in Dope Snow. You may get a wide variety of snowboarding apparel, from softshell to insulated, from bibs to technical and adaptable shells, from base layers to snow gloves and hats and neck warmers, and more, all from Dope.


Ridestore, the business behind Dope Snow, was established in 2007, and our headquarters are based in Sweden. We are not only an e-commerce company, we are a large family motivated by what we do.

For us, it is self-evident to deliver the finest experience for every individual visiting our website.

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