Considering a Hair Transplant in Dubai? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’re like most people who are looking into hair transplants, your hairline isn’t what it used to be. It may have receded or thinned out due to stress, genetics, or simply getting older, but the result is obvious and frustrating: you’re not going to look good until you do something about it.

Where is hair transplant surgery performed?

There are numerous medical spas and clinics in Dubai, but some of them have sketchy reputations and others simply offer unimpressive results. The best place to have your procedure done is at Alborj Hair Clinic: They are top-rated by patients around the world, they’re conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Road, they provide excellent customer service—and their hair transplant surgery has an impressive success rate. If you’re considering getting work done, you might as well start with them.

Who can consider hair transplant surgery?

If you’re suffering from hair loss as a result of genetics, stress, aging or an underlying health condition such as hypothyroidism (low thyroid function), certain types of medication and hormonal imbalance, then you can benefit from hair transplant surgery. The earlier that treatment is sought after signs of hair loss, then chances are it will be more effective and you’ll see results quicker. However, we offer solutions for both male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness; so whether your pattern is Androgenetic Alopecia or Telogen Effluvium, there are options to suit your needs. If your job requires headwear or if wearing wigs cause skin irritation or itching on your scalp area then getting a hair transplant may not be for you.

What should I expect from the surgery?

Since you’re planning on getting hair transplant surgery, we want to address one of your primary concerns: pain. During your initial consultation with Dr. Bessam, he will likely go into great detail about what to expect from your procedure and how long you can expect pain to last. Ultimately, you should expect discomfort after your procedure; however, it shouldn’t be debilitating or cause any trauma or scarring. Before performing a hair transplant in Dubai for his patients (or for himself), Dr.

Is it safe to travel after hair transplantation?

When you are looking to get your hair transplant in Dubai, you need to know that travel is safe soon after surgery. It’s important to ensure that you have your blood pressure and heart rate monitored by an experienced professional as these may be vulnerable during or after surgery. However, with some precautions, you can safely travel after getting your hair transplant in Dubai. This will help you maintain your daily life while making sure that you recover properly from hair transplantation. Contact us today for more information on hair transplants in dubai or if you have any questions regarding our services! We offer various hair restoration procedures at affordable prices. Check out our website for details on our special offers!

How long does hair transplant last for?

The Alborj Hair Clinic notes that it can last for 10 years or longer if properly maintained. However, there are some factors that could affect how long your hair lasts for. For example, if you smoke, have a poor diet or suffer from stress, then it may wear away more quickly than expected. That’s why it’s important to consider lifestyle changes before getting hair transplant surgery done and to understand what you can do afterwards to ensure your results stay long-lasting.

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