Cigar Humidor: Best Protection For Pack Of  Cigar

 A cigar humidor is a box or container that controls humidity levels to create the perfect environment for storing cigars or tobacco. Apart from protecting them from harsh weather, humidor makes their taste better. Many cigar aficionados suggest keeping them for months and years to achieve maximum flavour. Otherwise, they will rapidly lose their freshness and quality.

However, preserving cigars requires the right combination of temperature and humidity. Any irregularities in storage can ruin the flavour, taste, and quality in less than two weeks. For that purpose, you need an excellent humidor that protects cigars far from damage and improves the flavour with good ageing. After six months of good storage cigar, a smaller one may give its peak flavour profile. At the same time, a larger and more robust cigar may reach its peak flavour after two or three years.

 Any cigars’ optimum flavour and strength are maintained by keeping them at a temperature as close as possible to 21°C with near 70% humidity. This is done at best by using a cigar humidor. Look no further if you are searching for a quality humidor or unique accessories at great prices. 1st Class Humidors offers the best deal on quality humidors and accessories. Use our exclusive store 1st Class Humidors Coupon Code to get a 30% off on your order.

Protect your cigars from damage and give them a chance to age to improve their flavour profile. Here we present some helpful tips to help you choose the right humidor for your cigar pack.

1. Perfect Size 

Size is one of the primary and essential considerations when buying a humidor. You must always purchase a humidor twice the size of the number of cigars you’re planning to store. This is important because, without proper air circulation, you can damage your cigars. So to escape overpopulating your humidor, try to buy a 40-count humidor if you currently own 20. The length of the cigars also plays a pivotal role in choosing the size.

2. Portability

 When it comes to portability, your lifestyle plays a crucial role. If you’re an active traveller always present on the road, choose a humidor you can easily carry with you. If you are a   home lover, you can have the walk-in version that can store thousands of cigars. Most portable humidors downside cannot take more than a few dozen cigars.

3. Give a closer look at the seal 

 A humidor with a lousy seal ruins the sheer essence of a cigar box. It makes the cigar stiff and dry with the seepage of air inside the box. So before buying a humidor, be very sure that the seal of the humidor is tight to keep it humidified and insulated. Always try to shop with trusted and authorised sellers to rescue from a poorly sealed humidor.

4. Choose a compartmentalised humidor  

 The humidor with different sections or drawers is a must if you have various flavoured cigars. Mixing different flavours can ruin your overall smoking experience. You can keep cigars separately while relishing the original flavours with separate compartments.

5. Always choose the best quality  wood humidor

The quality of the wood of a  humidor is a critical factor in maintaining the proper temperature and humidity. The premium quality humidors are made from lumber of cherry, oak, Spanish cedar and mahogany. Spanish cedar offers the ideal insulation that protects your cigars from insects and worms.

Cigar Humidor: Best Protection For Pack Of  Cigar

6. Select a humidor with a  thermometer and a hygrometer

A humidor with a thermometer and hygrometer installed is a perfect combination for protecting your cigar. The accessories help to keep track of the level of humidity and temperature. 

7. Finding the right place

 The humidors must be installed according to the available space and storage area. There are numerous options available following the opening of your room. For example, you can choose a coffee table or desk humidor cabinet. An electrical humidor is also a good option; you need to place it near the socket.

8. Consider your budget

Everything boils down to what your budget is to buy a humidor. The price plays a significant role in purchasing a humidor. So spend wisely and according to your requirements before buying a humidor. A little research work may also help you buy the best one that fits your needs.

How to take good  care of your cigar humidor

For the long life of a humidor, good maintenance is a prerequisite. Even the best quality humidor will be damaged quickly if not treated properly. Let us find out some of the ways to take care of your humidor.

1. Season your humidor correctly before use

A humidor needs a proper seasoning for releasing moisture slowly to maintain adequate humidity. The seasoning can be done using distilled water and a clean, unscented sponge or cloth. As mentioned in the humidor’s manual, always ensure to keep humidity between 65% to 75%.

2. Maintaining proper  humidity levels

By maintaining the proper humidity levels, you can increase the lifespan of a humidor. You should always keep the humidor in a cool dark place and refill it at regular intervals. Make sure to check the hygrometer every two weeks and make necessary adjustments.

3. Keep removing  tobacco Beetles

The humidifier cigars should be kept safe by constantly removing tobacco beetles. These insects can damage your entire cigar pack by eating tobacco and laying eggs. To stay away from beetles, you must always 

1. Always keep the humidor  below 70% temperature

2. Make  a pinhole in your cigar to check for beetles 

3. Try to put  each stogie in a ziplock bag 

4. Use   well-sealed  bags and put them in the freezer for 2 to 3 days 

5. Thorough cleaning of the humidor 

6. Return the cigars to your humidor after 24 hours

Final Thoughts On Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is ideally crafted to maintain precisely controlled temperature and moisture levels to keep them fresh for long-term storage. Preserving your cigars in a humidor will ensure they mature well with time. We have mentioned the different traits that should be considered before purchasing a humidor. Like a fine wine, cigars are at their best when they are allowed to age well properly, but they have to be stored correctly at the proper temperature and humidity.

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