Choosing the Better Project Management Software—Smartsheet Software vs Box Software 

Project management is the process used by business teams to plan, organize, and control resources to accomplish specific objectives and ultimately achieve company goals. It is an essential process for teams in any company. Project management practices can lead to the overall success or failure of a business.  

Nowadays, business teams use a range of project management approaches to ensure the successful delivery of various projects. The most common methodologies are scrum, agile, and waterfall. Additionally, thanks to advancements in technology, businesses are now increasingly adopting sophisticated project management software systems.  

Modern project management software applications are providing multiple benefits to business teams. These applications assist with the organization of workflows, increased visibility into project progress, enhanced collaboration among team members, and automation of tasks. It also improves communication among managers, their teams, and external project stakeholders. In addition to more efficient and fast project deliveries, these software tools have also proven to cut costs incurred by businesses.  

The following article provides a comparison of Smartsheet software vs Box software. The two software applications happen to be well-documented in terms of their project management functions across different business industries.   

What is Smartsheet Project Management Software? 

Users can collaborate on projects of various sizes using the cloud-based project management and collaboration platform, Smartsheet project management. It is an excellent tool for project managers of almost all experience levels because it is simple to understand and use. 

Task management, Gantt charts, file sharing, and real-time collaboration are all parts of Smartsheet features. It is a flexible tool for managing all facets of a project as the Smartsheet system is further adaptable and adjustable to meet the demands of any project. The software also integrates well with a wide range of other useful business applications. 

Features of Smartsheet  

  • Customizable dashboards with widgets 
  • Activity log to track actions of collaborators 
  • Integration with calendar applications such as Google Calendar and iCal 
  • Automated requests, approvals, alerts, and notifications to streamline workflows 
  • Summarize data from multiple sheets into reports 
  • Integrate with third-party applications to improve productivity 
  • Portals for centralizing teams for a comprehensive view of critical project information 
  • A control center to access powerful portfolio tools 

Smartsheet User Reviews 

As per different Smartsheet reviews, around 100% of users are satisfied with the automation ability of the software. More than 95% of users have expressed their appreciation for Smartsheet’s real-time capabilities, collaboration tools, and ease of use.  

On the other hand, users are not happy with the overpriced add-ons of Smartsheet. Also, almost 100% of users believe that the software has limited features for sheet tabs, formulas, gridlines, and macros.  

Smartsheet Pricing 

Smartsheet cost starts at $7 per user per month (when billed yearly) with a maximum of 10 users and unlimited viewers. You can get more pricing details through the official vendor website. To experience the software features, you can also book a Smartsheet demo through Software Finder.  

What is Box Project Management Software? 

Box is a cloud content management and file-sharing service for businesses. Box Software allows users to store, manage, and share digital content such as documents, photos, and videos. It also provides features such as collaboration, workflow automation, and data security. Box integrates with other business tools, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It offers a range of mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The main benefits of using Box are that it is easy to use and secure, and it assists businesses in saving time and money. It also has enterprise-level features and customization options, making it suitable for companies of all sizes. 

Features of Box 

  • Protection of data by classifying them based on PII and customized admin policies 
  • Automated workflow processes to move documents from one step to another seamlessly 
  • Secure, compliant, and legally binding e-signatures 
  • Take notes, make to-do lists, plan, and brainstorm sessions from any device 
  • Store all files in the cloud 
  • Access, edit, and share files from any desktop with automatic saving in the cloud 
  • AI technology to simplify hard-to-read data points 
  • Consultant team to assist with user implementation strategies, software integration, and customized training and solutions 

Box User Reviews 

Box software reviews indicate that over 90% of users are satisfied with the functions of sharing and integration with other applications provided by the software. Around 90% of users find it easy to access documents and other information regardless of location. More than 85% of users also expressed satisfaction with large and secure cloud storage.  

It is clear that Smartsheet software and Box software share some basic features for project management. Box software is compatible with teams who deal with content management. Smartsheet software, on the other hand, focuses more upon team collaborations.

You can compare the different packages offered by each vendor to get a better understanding of their pricing. Box offers a free version of Smartsheet, but Box has a paid version.

Software Finder has more information about Smartsheet, Box and other project management software applications.

Almost 100% of users believe that the dashboard is confusing and the layout requires improvement. Around 80% of users are not happy with the offline functioning of the software. Over 50% of users think that software is expensive.  

Box Pricing 

Box offers a free version available for a single user. Meanwhile, the pricing begins at $11.50 (currently) per month for a single user. Further pricing information is available through the vendor website. For more insight regarding the software features, you can book a Box demo through Software Finder.  

Smartsheet Software vs Box Software—A Conclusion 

Before you compare two software applications to determine which is better, you need to do certain assessments. It is significant to determine what kind of workflows and nature of projects are part of your business niche. Based on this information, you can better judge what set of features is more suitable to achieve your goals. Similarly, you must know your budgetary limitations. It is essential to get the right value for your money.  

Comparing Smartsheet software vs Box software, it is evident that the two applications share basic project management features. However, Box software is more compatible with teams that deal with content management. Meanwhile, Smartsheet software focuses more on team collaborations.  

For a more objective pricing comparison of the two, you should compare different packages offered by the respective vendors. Although, Box does have a free version, unlike Smartsheet.  

For more information on Smartsheet, Box, and other project management software applications, visit Software Finder.

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