Choosing a Reliable XBOX 360 Games Bundle Wisely and Preventing Future Errors

Everyone would like to have an XBOX 360. While making sure you get the right bundle can be a pain, it is well worth it. Lots of individuals still fear the red ring of death. Also sometimes called the “rrod”. For the most part, these problems have been fixed.

Choosing a version of the console that won’ have the problems is a little problematic for many consumers. Most versions of the XBOX 360 have been upgraded with newer parts to prevent the rrod but there are still other errors that abound with older models. Examples include the E-71, the E-74 and the E-79. These often indicate a hardware problem and need to be sent to Microsoft for repairs, unless you’re a tech guru and can do it yourself.

The latest models are free of these issues. Make your own decisions and choose the right Xbox 360 gaming pc bundle. The first game that you should consider is the game of the year version. This one is an elite model, meaning it has the black case, and comes with Halo 3, and Fable 2. The majority of the elite systems have a huge 120 gigabyte hard drive and hdmi outputs in the rear.

This version runs for around $500.This one can burn a hole in your wallet, unless you happen to be rich. Then you have the arcade bundle which has just the plain XBOX 360 with no hard drive, no memory card, and two arcade game compilations. Although you are not able to get music updates, you will be able to save your games because most arcade models come with 256 megabytes of internal storage. Most of the time, this bundle sells for $200.00 USD and is the most wallet friendly.

There is middle ground however; the pro system is available for $300.00 USD. You won’t usually find any games included with this bundle, but there are other pleasant surprises that are included. Mainly a 60 gig hard drive, wireless controller, headset, and hdmi output. This is a nice bundle for those looking at the middle ground. With all the demos games that are available on the internet you won’t get bored while waiting to buy new games.

The main difference between the versions is the motherboards. The arcades are all fitted with the latest motherboards that aren’t as power hungry, or hot, but the pros and elite’s have been a little slower to receive this upgrade. It comes equipped with a wired controller port. With a new one year warranty right when you buy the console, the rrod has been eliminated. Do not forget to register.

Only you can choose which Xbox 360 bundle is right for you. In addition to the versions of the XBOX 360 above there are still plenty of old models on the market. These may have the rrod problem. The best way to check is the manufacturer date on the back; if it was made after the start of 2009 you are okay. Now do you want the low end, middle ground, or uber expensive high end bundle?

Enhance your XBOX 360 Gaming Experience and prevent annoying errors.

If you’re ready to buy yourself a decent Xbox 360 Bundles,then you have a few different options to choose from. There are many Xbox 360 bundles out there, and it’s important that you choose the right one and the first thing you have to consider is the stability issue.

The Red Ring of Death or RROD is something that is both anticipated and feared in the gaming community. For those of you that are not familiar with it, the RROD is a condition that can occur during a hardware failure, or about a hundred other little malfunctions. The original Xbox 360 hardware definitely had a lot of issues, but you will be glad to know that most of them have been overcome with hard work and dedication on the part of the R&D department at Microsoft.

as you can see, preventing the RROD is a bit easier, though you should note that a lot of the problems were caused by heat. For this reason you will want to consider using some sort of USB powered cooling pad. That might be unconventional, but many people have done this and it has worked quite nicely and save money as well.

There are three basic Xbox 360 Bundles that are always available online, and they are the following:

* Xbox 360 Elite – This package comes with the black Xbox 360 Elite, two games, and an HDMI output. This is the most expensive variation of the console,so be ready to dip into your savings.

* Xbox 360 Arcade – For those who don’t want to break the bank, this one is considerably cheaper, though it comes with a cost of it’s own. First of all there is no hard drive, and you will have to deal with a wired controller. Fortunately it does have a small amount of onboard memory.

* Xbox 360 Pro – This bundle isn’t too bad, and it is actually considered the middle ground. Beware of Pro packages that haven’t quite caught up to the hardware upgrades yet. They may fail you yet, but Microsoft does have a decent warranty in place.

If you want to save a bit of money, you could try a used Xbox 360, but you should watch out for older hardware. If your console does fail, then you probably will not have a warranty. Yes, it will be a little more expensive to buy it brand new, but won’t it be so worth it in the end? That being said, make sure that you think long and hard about this decision. It’s going to be with you for a very long time!

Finding the right Xbox 360 bundles isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world, but in the end you’ll be glad you took the time.

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Where to Find PS3 Bundles

Although some retailers do a pretty good job of offering various PS3 bundles at their locations, the most popular items can be hard to find, especially when they are first released. If you’ve ever waited in line to buy a console or other gaming gear, or even waited for games, then you know what it’s like to worry about the store running out before you get what you’ve been waiting for.

If you want to avoid waiting in lines and save yourself the trouble of worrying about whether you’re going to get what you want, shop for your next PS3 bundle online. Many online retailers offer amazing bundles that retail stores simply don’t have the room to stock! You’ll love the selection available, and you’ll be happy to get the best prices, too.

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