Children’s Day Celebration Ideas and Activities in School 

Whether your kid goes to a local or international school in Singapore, children’s day is celebrated with great zeal eall over the country. Each year parents and teachers find unique ways to make this celebration a little more special and honour the children. While we all celebrate this day, very few of us actually know why and the history behind it. Through this article, we hope to acquaint you with the special day and share some fantastic ideas to celebrate the day.  

Children’s Day History and Facts

Were you aware that no other country celebrates Children’s Day on the same day as Singapore? Initially, the 1st of October was the chosen date to celebrate children’s day, at which point Sri Lanka, Salvador and Guatemala celebrated it. But in 2011, the Ministry of Education in Singapore changed the date to celebrate Children’s Day to the first Friday of October to give kids a long weekend. 

The first recorded children’s day was celebrated in 1857 in Massachusetts, and Turkey was the first country to officially declare a children’s day. 

This year children’s day will be celebrated on the 7th of October in Singapore. Here are the dates for the next five years.  

20227th October
20236th October
20244th October
20253rd October
20262nd October

Why is Children’s Day Celebrated?

Since 1920 every country has celebrated this Day and declared their days to do so. For most of these countries, the purpose is to highlight children’s education, welfare and growth. This Day is all about children; apart from its international importance and agenda, there are a lot of activities organised by the school where kids can enjoy themselves and revel in the celebrations. Also, read about the fees of secondary school.

The United Nations has declared the 20th of November the annual World Children’s Day. This Day is observed to honour the Declaration of the Rights of Children in 1959 by the UN General Assembly. It is celebrated internationally to encourage children’s rights and enhance their living standards.

Ways to Celebrate Children’s Day

There are multiple ways to celebrate Children’s Day – it can be organising a party at school or taking the children out. If the school is planning to organize something in-house, it is vital to come up with a unique idea or theme to work with and find suitable Children’s Day decoration ideas in accordance with the theme. If you plan a memorable day out, ensure the outing and activities are centred around the kids. The kids should receive all the love and affection on this Day. 

Here are a few fun Ways to Rejoice on Children’s Day

1. Attend Special Events

Children’s Day is extraordinary for kids. Many places will organize activities and fun days centred around kids, and host events children enjoy. Check with stores, malls and parks about their events planned and choose the one that is most appealing for that particular age group of children.

2. Plan a Picnic

An old fashion picnic can never go out of style. And we all know what kids love the most – fun foods and drinks. Plan some exciting games as well – the perfect food and company can become a fantastic outing for the kids. Gardens by the Bay is a favourite amongst children’s top places to visit in Singapore. It has a lot to explore, like the Cloud Forest and awesome SuperTrees, a kid-friendly escape room, and a meal at the famous Shake Shack. The ideal Children’s Day, we say!

3. Host a Disney Party

Disney characters are iconic and a fundamental part of everyone’s childhood. Planning a Disney-themed party will make the kids’ get-together unique and fun. You can ask everyone to dress up as their favourite Disney characters, get themed Disney decorations, paper plates, and cups and even get someone to face paint Disney characters and screen some popular Disney movies.

4. Have a Kiddies Dance Party

Dancing is always fun, no matter how old one is. A great and affordable way to celebrate Children’s Day is to clear up all the classroom furniture, put on the children’s favourite songs, and have a dance-off with them. Once they’ve had their share of the dance party, treat them to some pizza and ice cream to call it a fantastic day.

5. Camping

Children’s Day is nothing more than having fun and making memories with kids. Build classic memories by taking them on a camping trip to one of your favourite spots for a night under the stars. Carry some snacks and hot chocolate and roast marshmallows by the bonfire. Dance around the fire, sit around it, sing songs, and bond with your children over cute stories.

6. Movie Marathons

You can never go wrong with a good movie, sods and popcorn. There are hardly a few things that kids would enjoy more than watching a good movie; don’t restrict their screen time today. Let them watch their favourite movies one after the other and save the best movies for the last. 

7. Plan a bake-day sale with them

Get the kids to knead the dough, make some icing, decorate it and give them cookie cutters of various shapes. Let them ice, decorate cupcakes and cookies, and eat cookie dough and cake batter while at it. Once you are done baking, have a bake sale or sit with them and enjoy those special baked goods.

9. Organize a Pizza Party and paint together 

Organise a pizza party to bond with the kids – either bake together or order your children’s favourite pizzas. Make sure there are fun games to play along with the pizza to make the night extra special. Kids love to paint – faces, paper or empty canvases. Let them get creative and use things like their fingers to paint. 

10. Do some good and visit Old-age Homes

No one loves and pampers kids more than grandparents and old-age people. If your kids do not live with their grandparents, you can visit retirement homes where the kids will feel loved and welcomed. This will also make them more compassionate towards seniors. If the grandparent lives in the same town, they plan to visit theirs and bring some cheer. 

Exciting Activities for Children’s Day

Children’s Day isn’t all about outings and parties. You can even celebrate the Day by planning fun and engaging activities for your children. 

Plan a Treasure Hunt

This is perfect for bringing out your child’s adventurous and fun-loving nature. They remain occupied and entertained throughout the Day while finding all the treasure. 

Enact a Play

Engage the kids in stimulating activities such as getting them and their friends to enact a play – original or copied. Activities like these boost their confidence and creativity.

Water Games

A day at the beach or pool is perfect for creating lifelong memories. Play games like Marco Polo or take a beach ball with you to play water polo. 


Pinata is a traditional Mexican party game loved by all, from kids to grown-ups. Make a cardboard piñata, stuff it with yummy yet healthy treats, and let them have a blast. 


Going hiking with children will lend them an unfelt experience. Early morning treks to see the sunrise or evening treks to view sunsets over a mountaintop are stunning views appreciated by all. You can even have a little picnic on the hilltop or stop at an ice cream or fro-yo parlour and let the kids enjoy their favourite desserts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the World children’s Day?

World Children’s Day was first declared by the United Nations in 1954. The 20th of November of each month is celebrated as universal Children’s Day to improve children’s welfare, promote awareness, and enhance international togetherness among children globally. 

Who is the founder of children’s Day?

Reverend Dr Charles Leonard is believed to be the founder of Children’s Day. He invented the concept of Children’s Day way back in1857 in Chelsea, US. Even though Children’s Day is celebrated internationally by a lot of countries on the 1st of June, Universal Children’s Day, declared by the United Nations, takes place annually on the 20th of November.

Is there a national child day?

Every country has their national child day. Singapore honours children’s place in society on Children’s Day each year. In Singapore, national child day was celebrated first on the 23rd of October, 1961, as proclaimed by the Ministry of Education. Singapore chose this date to stay aligned with the United Nations Children’s Day, but eventually, this date changed to the 1st of October and then the first Friday of October. 


Besides the international importance and agendas of Children’s Day worldwide, this Day is meant to be a special event for kids where they can be pampered and appreciated. Schools organize fun activities, games, competitions, fancy dress competitions and pamper kids with their exceptional food. Since every child is unique, local and international schools in Singapore celebrate this Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. This year, you can be part of the celebration and admire the joy that this Day brings to their faces. 

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