Can Help Abu Dhabi Indian School, Muroor, Students and their Families

High school students may benefit from using screens.

Learn how to prioritise social contact, education, and quality on the internet, tablets, phones, and TV.

The hazards of excessive screen time include the potential for social implications and developmental delays as a result of excessive screen time; these risks are well-known and well-documented. Additionally, children who spend at least two hours each day on a computer, tablet, or phone or who watch television can develop behavioral problems. The effects are also palpable. A child who spends too much time in front of a screen may become obese and experience eye strain.

A study from Oxford, Cardiff, and Cambridge universities that was released in October 2019 indicated that, when used sparingly, screen time for kids can be helpful. Watching television or using digital devices can help one’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Furthermore, rather than focusing on how much time their kids spend online, parents should pay greater attention to the content they are consuming, according to a research published in July 2020 by the nonprofit Common Sense Media.

Benefits Of Screen Time For Your Child Enrolled In A High School For Indian Students In Muroor, Abu Dhabi

1. Promotes social interaction

Contrary to widespread assumption, your child’s social and emotional development may benefit from screen time. According to Internet Matters, technology removes “physical barriers to social connections—which is vital for children who find it difficult to make friends or who have unique interests or special needs.” It can be used for discussion and play.

In the beginning of 2020, when lockdowns required children to stay at home, they video-called their friends. They organised playdates and tea parties online. Similar to this, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter may foster a sense of belonging and community among the students of Abu Dhabi Indian School in Muroor and elsewhere.

2- Enhancing critical thinking with the help of Abu Dhabi Indian School Muroor

Not every video game or app is made equal. That’s accurate. However, did you know that some actually support high school education and enhance analytical skills?

Many of these games, according to Caroline Knorr, senior parenting editor at Common Sense Media, won’t even feel instructional. Parents are aware that spending time on puzzles and games that promote exploration and creative problem-solving is worthwhile.

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