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There will be many times when a company needs to design and print brochures, triptychs or diptychs, flyers, and any other type of advertising stationery element and, at Gráficas SM we are experts both in advising on which products will be the most suitable and in the printing of any type of advertising brochure.

These advertising brochures and flyers will become one of the best tools for your business since they are a very simple, very visual, and very effective way to communicate any type of action.

flyer printing

Flyers are a type of advertising brochure used as a support for any type of graphic communication in which information needs to be shared as a means of promotion. There are many contexts, multiple occasions, and very varied reasons why your company will need to print cheap, quality flyers with agility and speed. And Gráficas SM will be there to help you print your advertising brochure!

Thanks to the flyers you will make your brand known, you will be able to communicate your news or offers, and, almost even more important, you will generate memories and help the customer to build loyalty to your brand. And as you already know, printing original and quality Brochures and Stationaries Vienna, VA will be a recurring task for your company that you cannot leave in inexperienced hands and for which you will always have to rely on top-level professionals.

At Gráficas SM we work with many very diverse formats of flyers and advertising brochures:

  • custom flyers
  • flyer A3
  • flyer A4
  • flyer A5
  • flyer A6
  • large flyers
  • medium flyers
  • small flyers

Advertising brochures and flyers will be very useful in many and very diverse situations: a fair in which you want to distribute information, for mailings, to offer at your business counter… These, together with business cards, will undoubtedly be the best cover letter for your business or activity.

Print original triptychs and diptychs

There are times when there is so much information that we need to offer the client that a flyer may be insufficient. For these occasions, we have another type of advertising brochure: the triptychs.

A triptych is nothing more than an advertising brochure made up of several folds so that three panels with six sides are created. The triptychs, unlike the flyers, are brochures in which an additional folding process occurs. Advertising flyers are printed on either two or one sides and are later cut, but the triptychs and diptychs, instead of being cut, receive folds that are normally done manually. When these brochures have a fold and four sides, we are talking about diptychs; if they have six faces and two folds, we are faced with a triptych.

For this reason, triptychs and diptychs are part of a higher category than what we call fold-out brochures. Within these brochures there are many options for fold-outs that you can find since, although the most normal thing is to print triptychs and diptychs, we can also find:

  • quadriptychs: zigzag folded brochure with four sections
  • 5-part foldout: 5-part foldout brochure in accordion format
  • a drop-down with 6 and 7 bodies

Stickers and other types of advertising stationery

In addition to informative or advertising brochures, flyers, and fold-out brochures, at Gráficas SM we offer you the printing of other formats of advertising stationery that can help you a lot with the promotion and dissemination of your business since we also take care of printing stickers and all kinds of stickers.

Printing stickers and adhesives can be very useful at different times: to decorate a shop window, as an element of corporate gifts, as promotional material to give to your customers… Any reason is good to print corporate stickers!

These stickers can be exposed both inside and outside, so when printing stickers at Gráficas SM we always use materials that are resistant to inclement weather to guarantee that your personalized sticker will last a long time in perfect condition.

Depending on the design to be printed from your personalized sticker, we will use a different material and format: roll labels, adhesive sheets, and PVC sheets.


Flyers, also known as Flyers, are small brochures and generally low grammage and are used to transmit advertising information about a company’s products and services.

We can print from 10 to thousands of brochures since we have the most modern digital printers and also offset machines for long runs.

Brochures continue to be the cheapest product to advertise and are increasingly used since with creativity and quality an excellent result is achieved, especially when they are finished, such as laminated, sectorized UV, and Hot Stamping.

The diptychs and triptychs are more complex than the flyer but no less effective; they are generally made in coteados ranging from 90 to 200 grams with the aforementioned finishes.

Contains a single or double-sided printed sheet
Composed of a folded sheet and four faces
Composed of one sheet, two folded, and six faces

Printing of brochures and business stationery

According to industry experts, business stationery should capture the charm and essence of your company. In other words, a sense of brand identity and awareness in marketing materials, client documents, business forms, brochures, etc.

They help promote your brand to new and existing customers while creating a lasting, visual memory of the business as a whole.


Promotion of your brand and business to new, existing, and potential customers.
Printing brochures, tri-folds, letterheads, cards, folders, and more, helping to ensure a streamlined marketing package
Business documentation is vital to any new or existing business entity. However, you must select the correct items that best reflect your business. According to industry experts, business cards are a must for any organization just like letterhead and envelopes, as they are used for correspondence, billing, and customer communication.

Creation and Printing of Brochures

Creation and Printing of personalized Brochures for both companies and individuals within our Digital Printing section.

Personalized brochures are an essential tool to disseminate and transmit all the information of your company or business.

From presenting your story to making your services or products known to potential customers for your company or business. And also to be able to make the presentation and promote all your offers.

The brochures have a totally versatile and compact size. Which makes it perfectly useful to be able to distribute at fairs and events.

They are also especially adaptable to be able to send them by mail or leave them on the counters of our office.

For the creation and printing of Brochures, we must choose the appropriate size and finish for our needs.

We have to think about Printing what we want to transmit in order to make an elegant choice so that it impacts our future clients.

At Grafiques Molero our designers will use all their experience and resources to offer you a result that guarantees the expected impact on the market for your future clients.

They will advise and guide you throughout the process of choosing the size. Like choosing the photos that best suit what your business or company wants to convey at all times.

Sizes for the creation and printing of leaflets

The standard and most used sizes for the creation and printing of brochures are the DIAN4, DIAN3, and 21×21 cm sizes.

But currently, according to the information that we are going to put, any size and folding that we can think of can be made. In order to create a fully personalized and attractive brochure to capture the attention of our future clients.

These can be made from only one page, up to 24 pages. Everything will depend on the amount of information that we must put in our brochure.

material types
The material used can be of different weights and materials.

Everything will depend on what we want to transmit at all times.

We can use coated, laid, recycled, and different-weight papers. Depending on the type of dubbing that it will take or the number of sheets that we will make the brochure, we will have to use a more or less high grammage.

In addition to taking into account if it will be a brochure which we are going to send by mail or it will be given by hand to distribute at fairs, and events. Or directly to our future customers when making a visit to present our products.

In addition, they can clearly see how we can help them so that their business can grow with our products.

The brochure is a product designed entirely to express and present the essence of our company and in which we can contribute to our future clients in order to continue growing their sales.

brochure finishes

Depending on the chosen type of paper and weight, we can make one finish or another. We can finish in glossy or matt plastic coating, giving it a totally tangible elegance that can always be seen.

We can also make a Soft Touch finish which, apart from protecting the brochure, gives it a tactile finish that is totally different from the rest of the finishes. Making it much more attractive as soon as we have it in our hands.

Its touch is elegant, transmitting a very soft touch, it also transmits an exclusive aspect.

What should it contain?

When we make our brochure to publicize our services or products, we have to think very carefully about what we want to convey and what the purpose of the brochure is.

We also have to be very clear about the text that we are going to put to capture the attention of our future clients.

We also have to put our logo so that our future clients can identify us at all times.

In addition, we must take very special care in choosing the photos that we are going to include. Depending on the approach that we are going to give to our brochure.

If it is to present our products if it is to present our newly created company or to carry out a campaign to promote offers for our products or services.

It is for all this that before designing a brochure we have to think very well for whom that brochure will go and what is the mission.

We can make several types of brochures offering and transmitting different things in each one. So that reading and viewing are much clearer for our future customers.

How to create a good brochure

The most important thing about how to create a good brochure is to capture the attention of our future clients and that it is useful for them to have received that information.

Whether it is for the text provided or simply for viewing the photos, a picture is worth a thousand words.

At Grafiques Molero we can offer you fully personalized advice and advise you to be able to convey everything you want to convey to your future clients.

Our designers have extensive experience in making brochures, both in their content and in making a good design that is attractive and visual.

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