Best Time To Perform The Umrah Journey

The Umrah journey is not an obligation in Islam but still, it holds greater virtues and blessings for Muslims. This journey does not acquire a lot of Rituals but it has only four main rituals that you have to complete for the completion of your Umrah journey. Umrah pilgrimage is a very beautiful and sacred Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. Muslims find it a golden chance for them when they get the opportunity to perform the Umrah journey. It is the dream journey for Muslims so they think of performing it at the best time of the year. Nextflights have budget Umrah packages for you. Now choose the best time for you and perform Umrah by availing of our packages.

Month Of Ramadan

First of all, the month of Ramadan can be the perfect time for you to perform the Umrah pilgrimage. As there are many advantages for you to performing the Umrah journey this month. It is the holiest month of all months of the lunar calendar and there are unlimited rewards for the pilgrim who are going to perform the Umrah journey in the month of Ramadan. The performance of the Umrah journey this month will bring mental and spiritual relief to the pilgrims. Moreover, the biggest advantage is that the rewards and blessings multiply seventy times when you perform them in this month of Ramadan. But you have to face the crowd in the Holy Kaaba during this month.

Grand Months

Grand months are the months of Muharram and Safar that comes after the month of Dhul-Hijjah which is the month of the Hajj pilgrimage. In these two months, the crowd in Mecca and Madinah is comparatively less. Due to fewer crowds, you can perform the Umrah pilgrimage in a peaceful environment. The people who perform Umrah’s journey before Hajj have to face large crowds. It means the months of Muharram and Safar let you perform the Umrah journey peacefully. You can simply avail of an Umrah package from Nextflights and perform Umrah in these two months easily without facing any kind of problem.

Spring Time

Saudi Arabia is a hot climatic region so you face a lot of difficulties if you plan to perform the Umrah journey in the summer months. To avoid the hot climatic conditions of Mecca, pilgrims choose springtime for the performance of the Umrah journey. In this season, the weather is very pleasant and the temperature is bearable for the pilgrims. They perform the rituals of the Umrah journey with ease. In the spring season, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold and due to this reason, pilgrims select this season for their sacred pilgrimage. You can easily cover the distance between your hotel to Mecca and Madinah in such pleasant weather. That’s why you need to avail the budget Umrah packages of Nextflights for your springtime Umrah journey.

Vacation Time

Another time that can be best for the performance of the Umrah journey is vacation time. If you are planning to perform the Umrah journey with your family then vacation time is best for you and your family. Your children have vacations so there will be no wastage of their studies. Similarly, your male members also have vacations from their offices. So, there will be no load of work on them. In this way, all of you can perform the Umrah journey without any problem. Book the budget Umrah packages for you and your family to perform the Umrah journey this year. Make sure that you are booking your flights for Umrah on vacation before time. It is because many people are planning to go to perform Umrah on vacations. Due to this reason, you must plan it on time.

Month Of December

Here comes the month of December which can also be a beat month for going on your dream journey. You can visit the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah very peacefully in the aesthetic weather of December. The climate is very pleasing in December. In addition, the mosque premises is also crowded free this month. As it comes at the end of Hajj and Ramadan and it becomes the reason for less crowd in this month. Pilgrims can also avail the best hotels and flights at a very reasonable and affordable rate. The prices are comparatively less in this month. The weather is beautiful and aesthetic so don’t miss the chance to perform the Umrah journey this month.


In short, these are the best times in which you can perform the Umrah journey peacefully. Make sure that you are selecting pleasant weather for the performance of this sacred pilgrimage. The weather of Mecca is and due to this reason, pilgrims select the pleasant weather for this journey. Next Flights have budget Umrah packages at very affordable rates for our beloved customers.

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