The best kids’ backpacks for school in Houston The appearance of the bag is far more important than its efficiency. The tough task as a parent is to pick one that is strong and large enough for all your child’s school belongings and lunch box, but that also looks beautiful.

Here are the Top Best Backpacks for School

L.L.Bean Original Book Pack, Print

L. L. Bean’s backpacks are always excellent performers on the list because they are robust, useful, and kid-friendly. This model, in particular, is the brand’s most renowned and simple form,

with one main compartment plus front sections for organizing. There is also good padding in the back, shoulder straps, and fluorescent stripes for safety. The negative of this backpack is that there are no straps at the waist or chest region for further support.

Everest Junior Backpack

This basic backpack is noticeably lightweight at a little over half a pound, and while it is not as spacious as some others, it also comes in a larger version for older children and adults.

There has one big main compartment with a tiny pocket in front, and the straps are cushioned and adjustable.

Mackenzie Backpack – Pottery Barn Kids

The unique motifs in PBK enable any young kid’s backpack individuality to come through and make carrying the backpack that much more intriguing. Aside from being adorable, the bag is meant to be extremely utilitarian since it is robust and water-resistant, with cushioned shoulders and back and organizational compartments and straps on the exterior. Additionally, it comes in many varieties, including various sizes and complementing lunch bags.

Columbia Northern Pass II Backpack

This backpack type from Columbia comes with features that make it adaptable to use from middle school through college and beyond. It employs fabric that is both strong and water

repellent and has good cushioning in the straps. In addition to that, there is tons of storage to keep pupils organized, which includes a cushioned cover for computers. This bag is also available in many hues including blue, pink, and black,

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

This backpack is excellent for babies through kindergarteners. This themed bag is available in hundreds of animal and character combinations. It’s more compact than other bags so that it can fit in small bodies,

but it still features compartments for food and school papers, plus a loop on the top so youngsters can hang it on the hooks.

JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack

This backpack is an Amazon bestseller and one of the most sought-after kid’s backpack brands on the Internet.

Though it is a more basic style and design with one main compartment and no chest strap, consumers greatly love that it is spacious, elegant, and attractive and lasts for many years. It comes in numerous patterns and plain colors.

What do you need to be looking for when buying a great backpack for your child’s travels?

So, assuming that you’ve decided to get a backpack for your kids the right choice. Which amazing features should you check out?

Size & Weight

It is essential for the product of a child If they’ll be the ones using it. It needs to be able to accommodate the body of the child. As we said, every bag that is wheeled has a solid frame within it that will increase the burden for children. A lot of zips and gadgets and other unnecessary features a bag is equipped with could increase your bag’s weight prior to there being anything inside it.

If you plan to carry the bag along in your car. Put it in the seat in front of you in an airplane. Ensure that it’s a reasonable size. If you are a frequent over-packer be sure that your bag isn’t too large. For the baggage

Take note of what you’ll need to consider when deciding what’s likely to fit into the bag, and also. While headphones and electronics aren’t too heavy, add a lot of weight, so you’ll need to assess the items prior to purchasing an appropriate backpack for kids.


A crucial aspect of kid backpacks is it feels comfortable and easy to carry. Once you’ve got the size determined, make sure the backpack is padded and has adjustable straps. The snugger the straps, the less likely to be unhappy wearing them. A bonus feature for larger backpacks is the chest and waist straps that help spread the weight.

It is also helpful if the bag comes with extra handles for carrying as well as straps. Which makes it easy to grab it without pulling on straps.


This isn’t a problem for backpacks for kids except for serious hikers however having pockets that are separate will aid in keeping kids organized. It is a good idea to have you should have a separate compartment to store their drink bottle, and in the event that it is possible, the front zipper pocket can hold the essential items they need.

Material & Durability

You would like your bag to last the duration of your trip Choose the best quality bag over anything else. Examine the quality of the seams and stitching, how sturdy are the zips? The materials that are woven are usually more durable than those made of plastic and then glued together.

While not necessary for all travel, if you’re traveling somewhere with rainy weather, make sure you choose water-resistant clothing. They may not be completely waterproof, however, they can provide your gear with an extra layer of protection if you are caught during a rainstorm. A second consideration, especially in the event that you travel through hot region’s back vents.

Herschel Kids’ Heritage Backpack

Should you be seeking for a straightforward style and design, Herschel’s famous backpackspro for kids includes one big main compartment with a smaller area in the front. It comes in three young sizes to accommodate young people of all ages, with loads of designs to make it kid-friendly. Buyers also enjoy that it includes a robust material to protect the bottom of the bag, a chest buckle for added support, and a side bottle holder for convenience.

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